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Week 5 - run 1 - nearly failed but didn't

So up this morning ready and raring to go - lovely sunny morning - what could be better than a fabulous run. Having read all the other week 5 bloggers - I was completely confident today was my day. Warmed up and set off for my first 5 min stint - what a disaster - first I was on the wrong week- so had to sort that. I then discovered I was on a very hilly route and was convinced i must have run for about 10 mins and Laura announced 2 and half. so i stopped and walked - berating myself and feeling really rubbish. So the next two five mins were on flatter ground - I slowed the pace and actually managed them without to much trouble. I did not want to spend the rest of the day feeling rubbish about messing the first run - so I scrapped the five minute cool down - put on Beyonce and determined to do another 5 mins. so i did and what a pleasant run it was. so pleased I did it - but I was also very pleased to stop at 5 mins or so.

So I have two eight min runs to do - not sure how I feel about it. Definitely will have to plan my route- so I am not defeated by hills and i definitely want to complete it. But there is a little mouse in my head - going really 8 mins, followed by 20 on run 3??

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Nonononono - the 'f'' word is banned on this community! Well done for completing it, and sympathies for the difficulties! I still struggle with hills - I think they're an acquired taste :D

Just take the next runs as they come - slow and steady does it every time. I play the 'just to that...' game - lamp-post, end of this music track, tree, shop window... whatever works. Certainly don't think about the 20, just focus on doing the five that you have already done, plus three - which is easy now! Good luck, and let us know how you get on!


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