Couch to 5K
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I still can't believe I am doing this - felt I could have run further, but stopped as per Laura's instructions. Biggest grin ever on my face for the warm down walk - I must have looked bonkers, but I can't get over how pleased I am.

it tickled me when Laura suggested telling others about the C25k... I've been doing that since week 1, and it shows what lovely friends I have because they haven't told me to shut up ...yet!

Still not lost any weight, but definitely feel trimmer and certainly fitter.

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Well done, it's brilliant isn't it? :-) I have also been spreading the word since I started and a few people I know have taken it up too. :-) It really is about the only thing I get excited about these day (hahaha). I love running and yes it is hard sometimes but I really wished I taken it up years ago.

I can almost hear peoples eyes rolling now when I mention running. LOL

Best of luck with your next run. :-)


I keep hugging myself - it's such a buzz! Thanks for taking time to reply :)


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