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Thanking a TV show for a successful W8R1

The weather was a beastly mix of rain, cold mid-50 degrees, and slight breeze. I then opted to do this run on the treadmill at the gym (I love running outside so much more). Yup, that 28-minutes thing was almost doing a mind bender on me in the beginning, but I have Kelly Rippa and Michael Strahan to thank for keeping me engaged during their show that morning...and looking just once at the time display--I only looked then, because Laura told me I had already completed 14 1/2, when you're trying to read the closed captioning on the TV, you do that and just keep on running. I'm not going to say it was a cake run, but it was all worth the challenge...and next thing you know I was done! An additional small point, the music is kinda lame...I'll be substituting my own music for the next two runs. ;)

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Well done - it doesn't matter how you do the runs, as long as you can get through them! You're doing so well - the end is in sight :)


Thank you! I'm so excited to be this far along, near the finish line! Just being able to run, THAT'S the neatest thing for me...and I feel so good while running, after my run, looking forward to my next run...heck, my overall well being--I feel good! :D


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