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W4r1 - I should change my name to Icandoit!

Well I stepped out of the door with trepidation as my legs were feeling tired and started up the hill but then, 2 minutes in, my new toy, a Garmin, lost the satellite signal. What do I do? The instructions didn't mention this so I stopped and waited until it was going again and started the warm up again. Ok, I told myself, I know I can do 3 minutes, did it last week and off I go. Help I have to do 5 minutes!! Thank you Laura for talking to me just when my will was being sapped so I started to count the horses in the field. Interestingly the second time round didn't seem so hard maybe because I knew what 5 minutes was and I had already done it.

Hurray, I did two 5 minute runs today so I put my mp3 player on shuffle for the warm down walk home. It chose the Hallelujah Chorus followed by the Can Can. Did it know what I had just done? Yes I did do a couple of high kicks after checking no one was watching, just some horses, and off home with a smile!!

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Well done!! Such a good feeling when you complete a run!! Happy Running


Lovely, lovely blog ... Such a picture in my head now of your home stretch! :D

Well done, onwards and upwards. Will look forward to your next blog ... and Swan Lake? LOL ;)

Cheers, Linda


Well done and you most certainly can do it! :-)


Hurrah! Congratulations


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