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Week 1 Run 2 completed

Did my second run this afternoon. It wasn't any easier than the first time. Is it supposed to be? Before I started the muscles on the outside edge of both legs below the knee ached. Will that be from the first run. I didn't feel it yesterday.

However I did do an 8 mile country walk yesterday (I am also trying to return to walking and been buidling up my mileage over the last month) but that normally doesn't cause those muscles to ache.

Did the stretches as suggested at the end of the run so I shall see how I am later.

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I did my second run on Sunday and it was horrendous. Far worse than my first run and I got the lead leg thing. My legs felt sore on Friday but I ran and felt great and my legs were fine on Sunday but the tiredness kicked in after the second 60 seconds. It was demoralising but tired legs = need rest I think so if yours are a bit achey then rest up and you should be ok. Well done on teh 8 mile walk. I dont think I could do that between runs!


I usually found the second run of each week the hardest, but the third was normally the best, so do stick with it! :)

Not sure about the aching muscles - coming after a run and an 8 mile walk over the previous two days, it could just be normal muscle tiredness after a lot of use. Make sure you stretch properly after each run, and do give your body a chance to recover ;)

Happy running!


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