Samantha says I "kicked butt" this morning. Molto pittoresco! B210K W2R2 ticked off!

Great run, bit of drizzle welcome as it is very warm. Have included my warm up and down walks in my 5 X50 total not because I wanted to cheat. Just lazy. Please forgive!

Piccie later as soon as 13-year old daughter (IT whizz kid) gets back from school and my purple face is back to normal :-p

Btw - have put on a kilo. Measurements are the same, jeans ar loose. Hubby says it's muscle. How odd. Any thoughts?


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19 Replies

  • Well done!!

    As for the weight, throw the scales away and judge progres sby your clothes. We all find that we lose a lot less that we'd hoped in terms purely of kilos/pounds. Personally, I weight a good half stone (3 - 4 kilos) more now than I did last summer, but I'm comfortably wearing clothes that I couldn't get anywhere near fitting in then.

    Muscle is apparently 4X denser than fat, so you'll slim down loads before you actually lose any weight.

    Makes a complete mockery of BMI, really, but there you go. The way I see it, if we're running 3 times a week and getting thinner, leaner and fitter, that HAS to be a good thing, reagrdless of the scales.

    Well done again!! :-)

  • Yeah, I don't get it, but who cares!

  • you know what they say - diet if you want to look good in your clothes, run if you want to look good naked

  • Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • :D :D Well we must all look stunning naked but please dont anyone request any photos! ;)

  • I suppose Greenlegs could post us all naked? Wouldn't Gok Wan be pleased!

  • Ha ha ha! - now I'm worried! It's bad enough trimming round clothed bodies! ;)

  • mmm, I'll use that for my skype profile I think!

  • Hehe lol

  • Doing good Delia! Muscle woman in the making!! ;) As long as those skinny jeans still fit what the heck! :D


  • Actually I think I need a size smaller now!

  • Even better!!

  • Well done Delia! I was thinking of you this morning as I decided not to do week 1 run 3 of B210k with Samantha. She just didn't appeal this morning! BUT, instead I did the 5k+ speed podcast with Laura! Then when it finished I thought I'd carry on running! Then I could hear Laura starting the speed podcast again! So I carried on doing more intervals! All in all I did 40 minutes continuous running including two sets of the intervals, so I am dead chuffed! (Even though another female runner overtook me probably doing at least twice my speed and looking like a sleek greyhound!) Guess it's time to try week 2 of Samantha - what does she want you to do??

    And I weighed myself this morning and it had gone up! Shock! I like to think it's muscle mass!

    ps hope the knee holds out!

  • Wow Petal that is brilliant! Week 2 with Sam is three 15 minute runs with a 1 minute interval between each. It's OK, honest!

    A female runner overtook me too this morning. She had a very masculine shape, you know, like a real athlete -- no pony tail -- and her shorts looked soooooo professional.

    My knee has come this far, it has to take me all the way! delia xox

  • Hope I don't end up a masculine shape, sleek greyhound much preferred!

    45 mins! eeek! Will probably end the run VERY slow, but who cares! Will give it a go Weds.

  • Delia, manged the same as you today, but did not stop at the 1 minute this time and ran the cool down too. it seem to be getting better, despite the stiff legs this evening.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Wow, that's brilliant!

    Listen, somewhere I was reading we shouldn't be doing 3 long runs a weel but juxtaposing them with say, speed and shorter runs. what do you think?

  • Agree with you Delia, I am not doing long runs 3 times a week. I do one short run, and one fun run, not sure I could manage those 3 long runs anyway.

    muscles still aching a bit today from yesterday.

    However, plan to walk the dogs about 10-12km this afternoon.

  • Gosh! I thoght I was good with my measly 5K walks ;-p

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