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Wk 3 R1 not bad

Such an effort to put down the book I'm reading and push myself out of the door. It was a necessity as ate lots of junk food last night. The run was ok and the weather was deceiving looked cold with the wind blowing but I was too hot in my long sleeved top. I found the last 3 minute run bit of a push but kept focusing on how good i would feel after. Pain on my leg has travelled up to my hip a bit, but relief the tenderness has finally gone above my knee. I think I now have muscles which are building up and my leg's complaining, tough because I'm not listening!!

Home low fat hot choc and smugness, hurray!!!


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You deserve that smugness! :D


...especially as it's raining now, tee hee!



Congrats!! That is my next run and am browsing around looking for how people fared:-)


Thanks bullseye7 and good luck!



Hi and well done runing wild I am a bit behind you as w2r3 tomorrow am quite worried about w3r1 on weds night. A fab outcome enjoy your hotchoc and your book!


Thanks sam45, don't worry it will be better than you think ;)


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