Week 6 run 3

Yeah!!! I did it the run I was dreading. While doing run 2 of week 6 I was thinking I am never going to run for 25mins, but I did and I am so pleased. I have now been off the fags for 5 days another tough challenge but one I am winning so far. All in all couch to 5k is the best thing I have done for myself in a long time and apart from the proper running shoes doesnt cost me a penny, and to think I was going to join a gym, pay for parking and compete for space, no contest. Oh well its shower time then sleep for nightshift tonight.

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  • Well done on completing week 6 I am just about to do that one so nice to see you got through.

  • It was tough but doable, just keep going...............

  • Well done and also well done for giving up the cigs!

  • Thanks, its not easy but life never is and I am sure my pocket will be lighter, thank goodness for c25k as I may even get away with not putting on weight if I keep this up

  • Well done, especially on giving up the fags - I really need to get my head round that one!!!!

  • I so know where you are coming from; here's a story I worked nightshift last sat, got home at 07.45, got changed went for my run and then came home and had a fag.....................nuts hey. lol You will stop when you are ready, no amount of nicotine replacement, encouragement etc will help if you dont really want to stop. Its taken me a while and I am going cold turkey, just dont beat yourself up, carry on running :)

  • Oh thats brilliant! It has been the best for me too... amazing! :)

  • I agree a real personal growth, both physically and mentally :)

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