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Back Running Today

I've restarted C25K today on the Week 2 runs. You may remember I had to stop as I was told I had a hernia. The health professionals have decided that although I have a small abdominal tear I can resume normal activities although I do need exploratory surgery upwards from my caesarean scar in the next few weeks.

I could have waited until after the surgery but I'm so desperate to lose weight and get fit again that I couldn't resist. Hopefully I won't lose too much fitness from the approx 2 weeks recovery time.

Week 2 was fairly comfortable with a little bit of tightening on the calves towards the end of the podcast so I think I chose the right week to restart on. It was so good to be back out there running! Exercise bike time tomorrow :)

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Good on yer! Take it easy, though. :-)


Well done- you are a tough cookie! Look after yourself x


Go for it. Gaining muscle tone, losing weight and improving fitness has got to be good for the surgery outcome.




Glad to hear you're back out there, but look after yourself :)


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