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Starting over

Heading out for my first run (again) on C25k, which I have let slip of late; haven’t been to the gym for weeks, and the last time I ran outside was in Feb (nearly killed me, asphyxiated in the frozen air), and before that… maybe October?

It’s bright out, don’t know how cool yet (daren't open the back door in case the weather puts me off before I'm at the point-of-no-return), so haven’t decided on running gear yet.

Don’t know whether to go all the way back to W1R1 or start somewhere later, week 2 or 3.

Will see what takes my fancy once I'm out there...

* * *

Back after a run at W3R1 around the lake. Very windy, and a bit cold, but some real warmth and brightness in the sun, which made it easier. Glad I went for the three layers option in the end – long sleeved shirt, with t-shirt over, and running jacket over that. And gloves, as a last minute addition when I got there and saw the wind whipping over the lake and the fishermen with woolly hats on!

Breathing was very difficult, especially at the first 3 mins run / 3 mins walk mark, when I was really wheezing and running/walking into the wind made recovery really tough. Still made it all the way though, and didn’t walk when I wasn’t supposed to, which was what I’d hoped for, coming back so late and so far into the programme.

At cool-down, walking the last stretch and seeing the sun sparkling over the water and the countryside on my other side, I remembered why I enjoyed being out there so much when I started first time last year.

Having looked at the Great North Run website, I have decided not to attempt it this year, seems a bit optimistic to sign up for a 13 mile run when I’ve only started again (and running time in total today was only 9 mins)!

I have however registered for the reminder service for the Great North Run 5k, which takes place the day before, and is much more at my level. Might also consider Race for Life, which is on 21 July, but will see what the training holds in next few weeks!

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Welcome back! Great that you've set yourself a target for motivation, I'm sure that will spur you on and hopefully the warmer weather also :)


That sounds like a pretty good first run back. Onward and upward! :)


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