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One hour dead

Well running peeps I finally did it, I managed to get myself up to 10k when out in Spain this summer but always been slow.

I've always wanted to try and get it under 60mins and was do close last time but today I did it.

Didn't think I would but just head down and ploughed through them.

Stop does anyone know how or if I can change my name on here I need a new one now.

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Not sure you can, you might have to re-invent yourself, and I'd suggest: Rob_k* , Run Rob, Rob KM, Marathon Rob, Ultra Rob ( aim high!) because it won't be long before you do nail a HM, then a full one, then an ultra.... And a huge well done for nailing it on the nose.


Awwh thank you JS I quite like Run Rob mainly because I have NO intention of ever running in a marathon.

And thanks it feels do good when you see what yourself capable of.


And then you did run a marathon and very well too. It’s a shame you didn’t ever like running as you were actually very good at it. I hope one day you go back to it.


Oh wow , that's amazing ! :)

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Thanks I had been wanting it for a while. But did it today do big smiles.


Congrats Rob! That's amazing.

Coincidentally I've just discovered how to change your name so I had to come back and tell you - go to the drop down with your name at the top ( by the health unlocked logo). Click on "Account" and scroll to the bottom. You'll see a section where you can change your name - click on the "save changes" button to finish.


Ooh thank you right I'm onto it and as the lovely JS said I think I'll go with run rob


Thats impressive, have you managed to do it since? Will you ever aim to do that again??


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