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Week 7 completed in the rain :-)

Week 7 completed and I feel relieved I now have 2 days off, is that normal!!!! ;) lol

Monday's run went really well considering my shoe lace came undone 5 minutes into the run. I refused to stop as I knew I would have to get going again, which was not a pleasant thought :D ..... So with my lace flapping around my ankles I completed the 25 minutes which included the one minute push at the end on Laura say so ;)

Wednesday's run I felt was harder to complete, absolutely shattered by the end, but I still found the energy to include Laura's one minute push :)

To-day was the first time since starting my early morning runs that the alarm clock woke me up, I normally reply on my body clock doing the deed, but something told me to set the alarm last night. I argued with myself as I so wanted to stay in bed, and then as my lethargic body dragged it self out of bed, I looked out of the window to see rain, and lots of it. It would have been so much easier to crawl back under the duvet and sleep, but I knew I wanted to complete this week and be able to move onto week 8 on Monday. It was a successful run..... successful in so much as I completed it, but I am so glad I went, I enjoyed running in the rain it was a very refreshing feeling :D

A friend told me that when you can run for 30 minutes the endorphins kick in and you begin to enjoy it ..... uhmmmmm here's hoping!!!! ;)

Think I might treat myself to a GPS running watch to-morrow, I'm now interested to find out how far I'm actually running :)

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Well done for pushing on and for going out in the rain! I'm (still) not very fit, and I definitely found that as the runs got longer I needed two days' recovery, not just one, so listen to your body - you don't want to risk injury at this stage. Slow and steady is fine - you can always speed up later.

All the best for your next run, and if you do buy a watch, post your stats so that we can all see how well you're doing :)


Slow and steady is so me also Anniemurph ..... lol

Garmin watch has been ordered and should be with me by Tuesday, just in time for run 2 of my week 8 runs :D


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