Here I go

Well that is the intial step taken ~ not too hard afterall. Signing up even burned 2 calories according to my peodometer :).

I know signing up really is the easy bit, but I am looking forward to following this plan. I think I have wasted too many years getting out there an pounding the streets until I cannot breathe or take another step, (usually after about 200 yards because I have steamed in there) only to find that I can't move for the next month let alone exercise. So now I have decided to do it properly. Lots of healthy recipies and I have downloded the MP3 app to keep me on track.

My holiday is 6 weeks away and although I am very aware that I will not be a beach babe, I hope to be a little less conspicouos.

Good luck to everyone who is in the process of making this fantastic change.


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  • Welcome and well done for starting the programme.

    I too spent years trying to run and getting nowhere, no improvement, nothing. Then I found ths programme and haven't looked back. Just take it steady and listen to Laura (apart from the bit about landing on your heels when running) and you won't go far wrong. You'll find lots of support and good advice on here.

    Good luck

  • Thanks for the advice AnnieW55. I guess the realisation that I am not going to go to bed one night and wake up slim fit and healthy the next, has actually hit me now. I intend to follow the plan as well as I can and hope to be catching up with everyone with my successes as the weeks pass.

  • Good to know you have the same motivation as me, my hols are in 6 weeks as wel been doing the plan for 3 weeks )2 x 1) only lost a pound was so cross when i got weighed at a well known sliming club came straight home and got my gear on. I wont be any sort of babe but I feel better, breathe easier and am starting to sleep better. Hope you feel benefits soon.

  • Thanks Sam, This is a great site. Lots of really motivational replies are spurring me on. Have a great holiday when it comes around and enjoy being the fitter slimmer you

  • Welcome and one word of advice. Take your measurements, the shape change seems to come way before the weight loss for most of us, I started getting my waist back pretty quickly but I was just focused on weight and would love to know how many inches I've lost.

  • Hey Khrissy, thanks for getting in touch. I think I have tried most diets and know that the weight loss is not what it is all about. To feel fitter would be great. if the weight loss comes bonus. Mu main aim is a reduction in risk of heart disease and diabetes.

  • Muscle weighs more than fat so as you burn the fat and gain muscle it may not seem to move the scales much. I'm thinner in lots of places but hardly lost anything from running yet, I'm down to a uk 14 top & 14-16 bottoms though so I've lost a few inches :). Keep at it, it will b so worth it!

  • Thanks mystical maid. I look forward to a similar success. I am never going to be a model ~ to be honest that is not what i am looking for. I just want the health benefits of loosing a bit of body fat. Well done for your success. keep up the good work

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