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Week 6

I went away for a romantic luxury 4 night weekend break (my wife had a landmark birthday!) which involved copious amounts of food and alcohol after completing week 5 last week.

Although we did lots of walking over the weekend there was no running involved so it was back to week 6 last night and I must admit it was hard going for the first 5 minute run (as others have previously mentioned) but after that things started to go a lot better. I think the effects of my overindulgences of the weekend and the longer gap between runs did me no favours but was happy to complete the run albeit with a few niggling pains.

I was really glad that I pushed myself to finish week 5 before going away and as I was running kept reminding myself what I had achieved last week and that this was just a warm up for my imminent longer runs

It is astonishing that I started to feel guilty about the large hotel cooked breakfasts etc and how they might have an effect on my running schedule, so it is back on the healthy living this week!


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I have found that the first interval is the hardest too. But I manage to keep moving up the weeks. Keep going and your body just gets fitter!


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