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If taking oramorph for copd what dosage do you find beneficial.

Spoke to adoctor at UCLH who suggested that oramorph May help my breathlessness, she just said low dose twice a day.

I think she said 0.5mg. but how do I measure out 0.5 mg?


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Your chemist should have supplied a dropper with your initial supply. It's easy to use and .05 sounds about right.

Maxiem in reply to robotman

Thanks for getting back to me

My dropper is marked as 2.5ml or 5 ml.

Where do I get 0.5mg?

Have to have a word with the chemist.

Hi my husband has been prescribed oramorph solution he has to have 1.25 ml when needed at moment he has it once at night but if he is very breathless when needed but i find it hard measuring out such a low dose even with a dropper.

Maxiem in reply to Dazbazbez

Thanks for getting back to me

Yes it is hard to measure out as I have to measure 1ml

Has your husband found it helpful?


Dazbazbez in reply to Maxiem

He also has 2.5 mg of lorazepam at the same time , i think it helps especially when you get panicky when you cant get your breath, the gp was reluctant to give them him but the hospital said he must have it. He finds it helpful.


When prescribed, it is supplied along with a calibrated measuring device.

The normal dosage here in the UK is 2.5 ml x

Maxiem in reply to shadow4me

I have been dosed at 0.5 ml a very very small amount twice a day.

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