Surviving this 'virus' season

I've had COPD for about 20 years but cannot remember a winter flu/virus season like this one. It seems like everyone around has some respiratory problem. I found myself doing most holiday shopping online and going out in public as carefully as I could. Missed seeing friends since we were all trying not to share germs. I've had flu and pneumonia shots but seem to be struggling with a lot of congestion and coughing. Saw my doctor today. She put me on meds (again) and told me to be very careful. If things got worse to go to the ER. However, she said both the hospitals she belongs to are full. She said it seems like it isn't letting up.

I would love to hear/share ideas for surviving this season.

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  • Sorry to hear that you're struggling. I've been hearing from many people about how they've had colds that don't seem to go away & viruses too. Today I went to go for a haircut & the girl had a bad cold. I turned around ..not worth getting exposed to germs. I hope you get better soon. I'll be praying for you.

  • I had the same problem and my husband both put in hospital and test done said it caused a yeast infection took a few days of it drips and antibiotics but when we get home it happened to me again my doc called in some 875 mg of amoxicillin an 20 mg of predizone then said don't drink nothing but water and before bed and wake take a swig of liquid mucinex for cough and congestion doing good now so now I'm going to keep drinking water and I'm still taking the mucinex I buy the generic it's cheaper I've been fine now 2 weeks yahoooo wish you luck cover mouth outside I do and I'm on oxygen

  • I just don't go out much at this time of the year! When I have to I keep a light scarf over my face .I don't know whether it helps or not but so far everything's ok

  • Hi nimros, It's rough with so many people sick. I have a virus now. It's mostly a headache, my eyes hurt, and I ache all over. 20 yrs. with copd is a long time. How do you manage? Can you get around well? Thanks, Ruby🌹

  • Hope you kick the virus soon.

    Actually I get around pretty well. I'm on oxygen pretty much 24/7 (at least right now). I use a concentrator to go out. Not as nice as breathing on my own, but at least I can go. I have a treadmill which I use. It helps. I went thru pulmonary rehab and it really did help me learn how to maximize the little lung power I have left. I'm rather stubborn so I just keep on plugging away although I found this year when the congestion started -- I just felt tired, very very tired of this. I've never felt quite this way before. I guess it finally hit me that one of these 'bad spells' will be my last. I've really never thought about that this much before.

  • having the same problems.

  • Oh so very true . This season has been horrible . I have been on 3 different medications in the past month for a bad sinus infection.

    I run a cool mist vaporizer, wear a mask in public and I use a lot of hand sanitizer. I also use two air purifiers in my home. I clean and wipe everything down every day with Lysol wipes. Most important everyone knows not to come around if they are not feeling well. Bad germs are a person's worst enemy.

  • Hi 55-61sept-33 , Maybe I have a sinus infection. Can't hear out of right ear, headache and cachet. What kind of air purifier do you have? Ruby🌹

  • Hi there ! I have Ionic Pro and it really helps . I did research on them first plus my daughter had one and swore by it. Have had mine for 3 years now and I run it all year round. Check into them they are worth the money.

  • Thanks so much! 😁😁

  • Take a lot of vit. c or the airborne I take if I think I got around at thing like flu or cold. I got that shot to last year and then I got the pneumonia, the Dr thought I got it from the shot.

  • hello all. I too have managed to catch some kind of virus. Scratchy throat, cough. Every time I get one it scares me to death worrying its going to turn into something big. I've had COPD for 8 years. I still work full time. I am always exposed to colds and flu. I've had flu and pneumonia shots, but always end up every year with something like this. I love working and being with people but I think I may have to go on disability and hibernate during the winter months. Any thoughts?

  • I too, have COPD, I use oxygen at night, have 2 inhalers, I caught something while Christmas shopping with my daughter.I am convinced the hacking small children in the store caused it. I don't see many with sense enough to cough into a kleenex or their arm.At any rate I am just now digging out from under whatever it was.My pulmonary Doc called in a script for a high power antibiotic.I too have had the preventitive shots, but this was sure something.I have gone twice to the store since getting this round of pills, I make sure I wear gloves while pushing the cart, and I wash my hands before I eat,but if it is in the air then so far I am missing it.We just have to keep to home as much as we can I think.

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