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Hi! I’m new here! I do t know if I’m posting to the right community; although I do have COPD.

Many years I have taken Symbicort. Yesterday with a new inhaler I got the worst taste ever. I have never gotten a very bad taste from it before. If I had to describe it it would be like fumes from the gas station. It’s kinda scary. Should I be concerned? Call the company? Has this happened to anyone else?

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As you take it every day and have done for years, I would be inclined to contact the pharmacist and ask if he will issue another and take the one you have got to check it out, just in case it is a faulty batch.

antb63 in reply to Troilus

Thanks I think I will as it still tastes just as bad today. I checked the lot number and it matches the one I took before this .

antb63 in reply to antb63

Called AZ and they asked a lot of questions and are sending a mailer to send the faulty one back. They called pharmacy to have them give me a replacement and they would pay for it. CVS said the didn’t know the policy . So I will be going in there later. AZ was very nice and I would suggest this the place to start if there are ever any instances with your inhaler.

Thanks everyone!

Call your doctor or pharmacy

Hi I have taken Symbicort for years and never had that. I would definitely speak to the doctor or maybe try the pharmacist this may be quicker. It doesn’t sound right to me. Do you have another Symbicort you can use? Barbs x

antb63 in reply to barbs47

Thanks. I called AZ and they worked with pharmacy to get new replacement. Sending it in mailer to company. Somewhere else I read that some people are getting g the taste recently. Maybe they changed something.

barbs47 in reply to antb63

I hope not my life would be so much harder without Symbicort Barbsx

Strange. I remember a rescue inhaler had an oily after taste. Don't recall brand was so many years back

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