Stem cell research

Hi ! New to this site, very happy to be here. I was diagnosed 2012 with Emphysema, I'm 67 now.

My question has anyone heard of stem cell therapy? I contacted the ," Lung Institute " and had consultation. They use your own stem cell from either none or blood depending on your specific situation.

They claim significance improvement, however it is,not permanent and,very expensive, not covered under Medicare or other insurance.

Just wondering if anyone has had this treatment?

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  • I have not heard any thing about it.,

  • don't go to specsavers'

  • Fraud!!!! The place gives false hope to patients.

    Articles from the Tampa Bay Times about Lung Institute

    Article from 2016 -

    Article from 2015 -

    Article from 2011 -

  • Thank you Mary Ann, just learned of them your info is greatly valued !

  • Statement on Unproven Stem Cell Interventions for Lung Diseases (July 2016) from a Boston University link.

    The below also has links for information from legitimate medical sources and legitimate clinical trials.

  • I saw Dan Rather interviewing Willie Nelson. Willie said that he underwent that procedure and was pleased with the results.

    I too have been in contact with the Lung Institute. I would like to do this procedure, but you're correct, it was more than I could afford.

    God Bless,

    Karen Jordan

  • It's only for the rich. Go fiqure.

  • Yes,Karen, they used Willie Nelson as a reference, just trying to collect on going information about the institute and procedure.

  • Hi, this is jensmom. I contacted them also and the walked me through everything even told me I qualified, then gave the bad news of the expense. It should be free of charge. They are funded and basically using guinea pigs to perfect a maybe cure. They do have a awesome success rate. I wish I could afford it too. We just have to do our best withwhat we can afford. My dr Says I need a lung transplant. I'm only 54. I have not much hope.

  • I looked into it a few years back. Was in Florida. Want to say it would have cost around 5000 or so. It's a hit or miss thing. Of course for around 12000 or will freeze your stem cells and you.get treatmeant in Mexico. Did not go through with it.

  • I believe they've a way to go , I do understand we all respond differently to most treatments,,,,I hope this can be something that will help us in the figure and Medicare and insurance companies will recognize cover it,,, big doubt on insurance companies !!

  • I blame the press for all the false promises.stem cell therapy will i am sure become a leading method of treatment but by the time it reaches your local clinic having passed all the required safeguards we will be long gone.(at least me at 81)

    Paying large sums of money for untested or unauthorised treatment just undermines our excellent health service .

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