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Stressed out

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Advice please. 3 weeks ago I felt more short of breath and run down, after a week I went to see dr he said my chest was clear but if feel worse take antibiotics and steroid rescue pack I was given. A week later still no better I took the course feeling a little better. 3 days after they finished I am worse. So today got a urgent appointment and saw a different dr who said I have no infection. But go for urgent X-ray to rule out cancer!!! So no medication and worried sick. Also if it were a exersperation does it make condition progress and ideas please?

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Thank you I am sick of being sick

I know I keep looking every couple mins come on people help please

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I think I can't give the help you need..maybe you should go to an hospital just to be 100% right that is nothing wrong..Hope you be better soon 🤞❤

Hi Vonnie, hope you are feeling better, really have no advice. But, from what I've read....exacerbations "can" cause progression...if you dont take care of them...most probably, you still have some affects from a virus or a bug...going around.

Let us know about xray, when diagnosed with COPD...Xrays are common....just to make sure and check...for many things, just not cancer.

Sorry, I can't be of more help!

Take care...keep warm...and hydrated,


I don'y know if an exacerbation can make a condition worse, but I do think you need to find a doctor who knows how to treat people with lung issues. They also can't diagnose lung cancer through a chest x-ray.

If you felt better after a few days on the antibiotic, but worse again a few days after finishing the antibiotic...that makes me think you may need a stronger antibiotic, or at least a second dose of the antibiotic you were on.

I think so too,thank you for replying I appreciate it. Just so worrying x

at stage four very severe 29% lung function I got a lung infection cleaning out a basement after my sis passed. It took me a MONTH of steriods and antibiotics to fully recover. four rounds of meds. just keep on meds and take care of yourself. rest , fluids, etc. good luck. and yes once you have an exacerbation it is my thought your lungs never quite go back to where they were, or so says my pulm doc. rest but keep moving good luck

Thank you and keep up the good work too x

I think if you post in the BLF forum you may get more replies.

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Vonnie50 in reply to jackdup

Thank you

From my own experience most times I have had an exacerbation I did not have an infection. You can have an inflammation in the airways without an infection. Inflammation is generally the imune system reacting to a perceived problem and the steroids dial down that immune system response and the antibiotic is a precaution because your immune system is not functioning as it normally would. Of course if you have an infection the antibiotic will try to treat that as well if it is bacterial. An exacerbation can cause a worsening of your COPD but if often doesn’t, and probably doesn’t more often then it does from my experience and from posts I have read from others. Sometimes it takes a fair amount of time to recover to where you were before the exacerbation.

Good luck

Appreciate your response very informative. God bless you x

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