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3 Ball Breathing Lung exerciser

Has anyone tried this? Would like some feedback before buying one.

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Do you mean a incentive spirometer? There are many different versions and some have 3 balls. This is basically a device to help and encourage the user to do deep breathing to help clear the lungs. I tired one and was not impressed so rather than spend the money I just started blowing up balloons. Balloons don't have a gauge like the spirometer but they are much cheaper and same thing. You could just look up some deep breathing exercises on u tube and do those also. Same thing just no device. But it sometimes helps people to have an actual device to do the exercise - like a treadmill would encourage walking.

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Thanks for sharing your experience jocopd.

It's not too expensive so I think I might give it a try anyway.


I got one but I think its really more for inhaling exercise in COPD we need to practice more on exhaling xx


Thanks for reply, You are right but it is useful to realise why I don"t get enough med using dry powder inhaler (not strong enough inhalation).


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