Lung damage from TB , COPD

By some freak occurance, I developed and was treated for TB about two years ago. Was told I had significant damage. Resumed my life as before, no meds

Just slower. Recently got a cold, in three days was in hospital with pneumonia,

Oxygen in the 80s. Doctors prescription for my life appears to be, a progression of meds leading to death. No Thank you. I have started a regimen

Of cordyceps, reishi, maitake. Three days out, can breathe better, work again.

Picking up cbd oil today. What is the best way to use this? I make rustic furniture (read sawdust, paint fumes...) I hike for a living and for the joy of it.

Any similiars?

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  • I love your attitude !! I also take the mushrooms & believe it that has kept my immune​ system in pretty good shape.

    I am on inhalers, I live remotely in Alaska which is challenging in itself without COPD. I am seeking herbal way to take the place of steroids. Have you had the PFT tests ?

    Stay as you are, please post your success with CBD oil , I would also like to try this.

    Have a great day !

  • Hi, was having trouble replying toyour reply, but thanks. I am rather new to this, had symptoms, bu was just plowing through them, untill I got pneumonia. Trying to stay off conventional meds, so far successfully. The cbd oil, while I believe it has value

    Made me feel a bit weird, which didnt sit with my panic so well, so it has taken a back seat. I take, mcordyceps, reishi, maitake, shitake and Immpower a fungus blend from Japan. I also make

    A tonic from ginger, tumeric onions and honey, that works better than in inhaler, for me. I choke down raw garlic in hot soup and Grated fresh horseradish as natural mucolic. I read about sski, And will try that this week. So II'm throwing everything I can find At this. II may smell funny, but Im functioning. Out in the woods for materials yesterday, frames to build. Taking some good deep breaths. Also read some lung repair can be accomplished with, high amounts of food sourced vitamin A, so lots of spinach, sweer potatoes, brocolli.... very concerned about Winter. May take indoor job to avoid the sawdust fumes ect generated by my work. When its warm, I work outside. How do you deal with the cold? Do you heat with wood?

  • We're off grid here in Alaska so heating was an issue as the wood smoke ( which I miss ) just had to go. We have heated w/ monitor oil heat which is better? But not best, as we're building a new cabin just finished in floor heating system,,this should solve gassing off, dust etc. Well see how compatible it is with the solar system.

    I also tried the CBD a long time ago and actually was placed in a panic as my throat wanted to close & I couldn't swallow. Living remote with only fky in access or boat that was way too scary !.

    Thank you for the info I'll give a try , I do mushrooms, I'll give a try ginger & tumeric I know are so powerful healing,,yet I've experienced a negative with both, however our bodies change maybe time to try again!!

    Wish you well,,,you are on the right track !!

    Stay well & strong

  • Thanks for the reply. Not sure what we're going to do, as we heat primarily with wood. See how it goes I guess. Sorry some of those things did not work for you, I continue my researchon different things to throw at this, just got sski and NAC, which are both for lung Congestion, but Im doing pretty good. Good luck with the cabin, stay warm.

  • NAC works great for me will research SSKI

    Take care !

  • Hi ! What is " SSKI"? Please to know. Do you wear a mask when you do your wood work? I gave up my scroll saw,,,and I figure what the heck have I got to loose! With a mask I believe I'll be just fine.

    Would you share proportion of your concoctions please? I would love to try this combination,I am like you around 20%, still take my skiff to town Pat the local kids 5$ to help get my groceries down the dock, I use a 4 wheeler with sjed to get my groceries to the house,,,, where there is will there is way.

    When I do push my oxygen drops to around 86-88 & my heart rate shoots up to high 120-130's. Is that common with you as well?

    Thank you

    Take care

  • Your question,,cold takes a toll on me,,so I try to keep a scarf over my face when traveling to & from town to keep the cold air from blasting my lungs,, I'm just 100lbs so I don't have much excess fat to burn ,,cold burns more energy just keeping you warm so I dress warmer rather than not enough. 🙂

  • SSKI is super saturated potassium iodide. It is supposed to thin mucus, but you need to be careful with it as too much can effect thyroid. I do wear a mask, but that makes it hard to breath, considering taking a clean job for winter I have two kids in college, one still home, so work not optional. Sad though as I got myself a Newfoundland puppy this summer, largely to keep me company during the day and he will be confused by my absence. Gone are the days when I could spent alll day breathing fumes frompoly and stain and sawdust in my little base ment shop.

  • Sorry just woke up, processing your questions out of order. What concoctions did you want proportions of? As far as exhurtion, It all depends on mucus (yuk) factor. If I can clear my lungs, I function almost normally, but if I cant cough it up, I struggle. Hense my concoctions. Fresh horseradish root, raw grated is another one, but wow its hot stuff! So I look for things that burn off the mucos and have immune enhancing anti oxident properties

  • Never heard of that stuff before, I am glad it helps you. Sucks this was caused by the. You are probably more proan to damage because of the work you do. I think some of my damage was from chemicals from a blue line machine. I only did it for five years but that was long enough. Jane

  • While innthe hospital they gave me steriods, realy made me agitated. Never had much use for conventional medicine, so I did some research and I can h Ho nestly say, Im doing pretty well. You See all those commercials, side effect, may cause death. Well great! So I decided my first line of attack would be do no harm. I Recommend anyone with this condition research some healthful remedies and not just blindly consume whatever the Drs throw at You. It cant hurt. Excuse the errors, much trouble going back on my tablet to correct.

  • I know they gave me a medication when I was in the hospital that was so strong and toxic that it started to shut down my kidney in my heart and like you I don't like taking a lot of medicine I have Wayne by myself pretty much off of oxygen and have quit taking most steroids I take three of us now and again when I'm having problems but not on a daily basis I have been using essential oils and trying to walk to build up my lung function I haven't been in the hospital and almost 20 months now and at that time they wanted to put me on hospice and I said forget it I'm not quite ready to go yet it has been a long recovery and I'm still healing but I have to say usually it's been getting better I've been feeling kind of poorly the last couple weeks but I'm getting back into it again

  • I forgot to mention for a while I was having problems sleeping and my son offered to give me a couple hits off a pot but I anxious about taking it I did because I wanted to go to sleep but it didn't help because I was two anxious and thought I would go to the hospital with a panic attack so I won't be doing that again

  • Yes in my younger days I smoked a little, made me anxious then. Cbd oil has only trace amounts of thc or the psychoactive part of pot, but it did make me feel strange. Read accounts online of people who claim to have improved significantly from cannabis oil and cbd. Like you I have some panic, but hey, not breathing would make anyone panic. I was given some lorazepam in the hospital and am weaning myself off that, but keeping some on hand if it Gets bad. Be kind to yourself , this is a hard pill to swallow. Go Online, look up medicinal mushrooms and copd and some of the Other things I mentioned. I ccan't say which helped the most becuse I've been trying so many things, but its all safe food products that target your immune system, lung function and the mucous that clogs us up. Plus its empowering to take the reins of this thing. I believe Drs are often guessing, especially with something b like this, that varies so much from one personnto the next.

  • I had this guy that sells essential oil and he had some kind of machine and you hold this thing in your hand and it picks up electral charges and he said he didn't think I even had COPD.

  • Thats where you have to stand back, and consider all your symptoms, how you feel. Copd covers a broad range of lung Issues. I can look at myself and say , yes I can call it that. Or I can identify it by the circumstances that caused it, my copd is unique, every case of it is uniqe. Why do the treat all thesame? Perhaps you have mild lung ddamage, the flare up that hospitalized you being the wake up call, then they mess up your medication and want to throw you in hospice? It is the resignation the death sentence that I am opposed to. They put everyone on the same damaging series of chemicals, that mask the smptoms, but do nothing to heal the system. Keep walking, it will strengthen your Lungs, heart, lift your spirits, get you some vitamin D. And visualize yourself healthy the body is capable of iincredible healing, don't let them paint you into a bed

  • Thank you you have uplifted my spirit. They were pretty mad when I quit taking most of my meds and all but quit oxygen. I am using it right now because I have been feeling poorly. But I told them that I felt like I was forgetting how to breathe and that I was getting to much oxygen. I told my lung doctor about that machine and the guy saying he didn't think I had COPD all he said was yes I do.

  • Yes, the Drs don't want to hear about alternative remedies at all, which is crazy because there re so many things that can help, even alongside conventional meds. All they have for us is "this is a progressive terminal disease, take this and prepare to die" Well I ain't buying it, I'm not going to be signing up for any marathons, but I can still work, take care of my home, take little hikes with my dogs. And I got the double whammy, was told I only had 20 percent of my lungs after TB, so I have to be careful, but apart from the hospital have used no meds. If I listened to them I would be sitting in a chair sucking up oxygen. Only you know how you Feel, your body tells you when your in trouble, but untill then lets continue living, lets prove them wrong.

  • I made the mistake of trusting them when this all started they removed a piece of my lung then made me walk and lungs collasped then horrible staff infection. Then come to find out I didn't need the surgery. Plus they had me on so much oxicodone my son thought they were trying to kill me and had me transferred to different hospital I trust God and my gut feeling now. I got so paranoid I started having really bad panic attacks and would have to go to er. They put me on lorasapam for a year. It worked. I don't have them anymore.

  • That is horrible, Im so sorry they put you through that. And of course after stuff like that there going to be panic. Its like were Being periodically drowned by our own fluid. I believe the more we allow our own bodies to handle this with nutritional support the stronger we will be. You are right also to trust your instincts andcthe signals your body is giving you. Your body wants to live, and God designed us to heal, be goodto yourself.

  • Just curious how old are you?

  • I am 50, how about you?

  • 63

  • I bought some of the stuff you mentioned it says breathe on the table. Hope it helps

  • is it a mushroom blend? Let me know how it works out.

  • I believe so cordyceps, reishi,chaga and poria.

  • I take NAC and Daliresp as well keeps me out of hospital I want to stop Daliresp but am afraid of going back to hospital.

  • I havent tried the Nac yet but plan to. I got skki yesterday but was breathing so well ! I havent used it yet. Another thing I would try is, chop up some freshginger root and onion, boil in water, reduce by half, cool, add a tablespoon of good quality tumeric and add raw honey to taste. A rther spicy Blend, but it clears up my lungs quick, protects against infection and has healing properties. Just a few spoonfuls a few times a day. There is no harm to be had from trying these natural remedies, so I say try every thing. Conventional meds as a last resort. God bless you and your breathing.

  • Any kind of onion and do you peel Ginger I have seen it but never used. I have a big jar of tumeric.

  • Sorry so nieve but what do you mean by reduce by half? What exactly does this do? Just don't know what to expect

  • What is skki? Tried looking it up but get skiing videos which I know I can't do now.

  • I use, whatever onion n I have, white, red... just wash and chhop ginger as small as you can cook until about half of water evaporates, let it cool some As heat may damage healing components of tumeric and honey. Add these strain into mason jar and keep in fridge. SSKI , is super saturated potassium iodide (I may have had the letters wrong) Itis used to thin mucus, just a few drops in water. The real test of this would be if I happen to get another cold like the one that sent me to the hospital with pneumonia. And hey it may offer some protection in the event of nucleur war, as iodine protects against radiation (joke) but untill then keep fighting.

  • Hi you just responded to someone about cannabis and she gave you her Facebook name do you still have that I tried to look for that post and I couldn't find it and I know her name was Donna but I can't remember the rest of it. I don't know if they deleted the post or not but I'm hoping that you wrote it down let me know thank you

  • Hi, I do, it is DonnaShogrenRobbins, I dont have a facebook account, will have to askmy husband to friend her. Good Luck!

  • Thank you so much.

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