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Hi everyone. I'm just getting bk from Dr and my fev1 was 26%.she wants me to do a c.f. scan now. But I have to see the woman at her office for paperwork then over for scan. I'm having no trouble breathing and I've never been hospitalized. I have my exasurbations from time to time but steroids take it away. I see so many other who have been hospitalized and I just wonder if I need a second opinion maybe there is something she's missing or i am. Or am I just needing to be grateful and not worry. Any advice is welcome. Thank you. Jensmom

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Hi , I just asked my Dr a similar question. My numbers also extremely low. I do take Symbicort & Spiriva, have a rescue inhaler I very seldom use. I live remote in Alaska & have many chores which I complete. I certainly am not going to run any 10K but seem to do fine if I just don't" over" exert myself.

I ask my Dr" why" I'm still going? She explained I was in excellent physical shape, I eat a good diet & do get exercise & have a positive attitude ( most often! Lol). I was told if I weighed 60 more pounds I would not be able to walk 40 steps without having to stop! I weigh 100lbs & was told to maintain that weight.

Possibly you are active & just doing very well, key for me is loving this broken body I have anyway & treating it nicely 😊


I don't know where you're from but at that FEV1 number I qualified for hospice and it's wonderful how they help me I can breathe and walk and talk and they give me wonderful medicine and massages that it's an absolutely wonderful organization I'm from New York


HI do you mean CT Scan. If so then we over the pond (I assume you are in the USA) have regular scans - these take less than a day and no need for staying in the hospital. The scan shows a whole load of things that the x-rays and external checks cannot show. They will pick up the extent of damage to the lungs and also make sure that there are no other things lurking in the background. There is nothing to be concerned about they are quick simple and really help in ensuring you are getting the best treatment possible.



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