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A little over a month without a cig!! :)

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I am on a roll my friends!!

I haven't checked in lately, but thought I'd let you all know that I'm now free of the bondage of smoking. It feels so good.

I am honestly wondering what took me so long to get here. However, the most important thing is that I GOT here. Right?

Time to have a glass of wine and celebrate (celebrations always included cigs in the past) but no more! Wine and cheese and crackers tonight with my best friend in the world.

Good luck to all who have quit, and to the ones still struggling just hang in there. You can do it! ;)

My dog Tucker in the photo. Siberian Husky

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I felt awful for the first couple of weeks. However, (this is strange) I have heard most people cough like crazy...and I have not done that much at all. Happy about that. I do feel some better. Can take deeper breathes. I love it!!

Thanks for the response!!

Congrats. My last cigarette was June 13

Congrats, that is a huge accomplishment.

PS: I didn't have the cough after having quit either.

Beautiful dog for a beautiful lady, well done.

Wonderful that u stopped. I have been smoke free 8mmths now.

How did you all stop..I've been diagnosed 15 yrs ago with COPD and on oxygen when needed..I have 4 people living here that smokes and it's very hard..I've tried just about everything. .please help!

Hi annalogan1957

I quit the cigarettes, and used the vape. It is so much better. I know there are discouraging things about it, but it truly has helped me. I hope to be off of that soon too. Hang in there. You can do it!!!!!

Very proud of you that you conquer the bondage of cigarette smoking. I've been trying to quit for good in the past six years. I have quit for a few months at a time . Keep going back to it. I was diagnosed with copd last year in June. Still smoking on and off. I've tried alit if different quit smoking aids. But still can't seem to quit for good. I'm on qvar once a day and a Himalayan salt inhaler daily. I do some breathing exercises when I need to. My breathing stay under control pretty much, however in spring had a mild excavation. Had a respiratory infection and bad allergies. But antibiotics nose spray, and allergy pills helped a great deal. Didn't smoke during that time. But started up again due to some stress in my life. Sometimes I don't have the desire to quit and I think that's my problem. And plus i crave the nicotine. I just hope and pray God will take that desire away for good. I have to stop these awful things before I get worse.

Best way to quit smoking in my opinion is cold turkey

Only way, a friend told me if you never put another one to your lips you can't smoke. He was right, 12 yrs quit here. 2 yrs ago emphysema showed up. Ox at nite and during the day sometimes. Good days and bad. Good luck on the smoking it's tuff but can be done. I smoked 2 pks of winstons daily for over 40 yrs. To this day I want one at times.

Great job! Very proud of you!

Great news! Beautiful dog!

Well done!! You're doing well and should be proud of yourself. Stick to your goals & the plan you made to beat this!


I'm 2 and a half weeks stopped mainly becouse I ended up in hospital trying to breathe scared the hell out of me well done to you keep it up hun

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