Copd and Hiatal Hernia Relationship with SOB

Hi, this is my first post so bare with my questions, please. In 2000 the GP I had at that time sent me for breathing test, because I had some sob and had smoked for 38 years. The results showed mild Emphysema. The Doctor said I should quit smoking to help me breathe better and to slow the progression. To bad I loved my cigarettes more than myself. I did not quit then.

It's really different now because I used to be so active. I used to go wading in the backwaters of Alabama for Bass, I used to be a very fast runner and could always out race my children and usually anybody else, But not now , It's me and my hose with the 24/7 Oxygen.

Now enough of the good stuff and back to my original thought/question. I had a Endoscopy this year and my doctor said I had a Hiatal Hernia. I have tried every diet I can think of to reduce my stomach, but with no luck. It seems as though my stomach is pushing up on my diaphragm making harder to breathe. I am at 35% lung capacity. I am 67 yrs old , 5'7" and weigh 161 lbs. , which most of that is in my stomach area. Oh yeah and my back hurts in that general area.

None of my Doctors seem to be concerned about the Hiatal Hernia interfering with my breathing ???

Has anybody else had this problem either with a Hiatal Hernia or with just with a distended stomach ?



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  • My stomach has grown since being on the message that help me breathe, most of them have steroids which cause weight gain, but can't breathe without them

  • I take nexium and gaviscon which controls reflux. I am 79 in a few wks 80 and on oxygen 24/7 almost a year now. I can't eat much at one time or I get uncomfortable. I am 5Ft 3In and weigh 154. If I wear clothing which is tight around the tummy and waist it is very hard to eat and breathe and I tend to start coughing if I bend over and the waist cuts into my tummy. Seems the lungs expand into the tummy area as cold progresses and interferes with eating and breathing. Pulmonary rehab helps me to keep going and live independently. It builds my strength and endurance and I can do more. Hope this helps you, have a easy breathing evening.

  • COPD not cold......

  • Thanks For Your Reply.

  • I have GERD and I take Prevacid, I have the problem of my belly swelling but some of it is fluid build up, I do take Lasix for the fluid. Recently started taking Phazyme and that helps a lot with gas and makes the stomach go down. I am over weight, came into this world overweight and probably will leave it that way. I have COPD with asthma over lap and Heart Failure.

  • Thanks For Your Reply.

  • Hi Philmike55 :) COPD has slowed me down these last couple years in every way except my appetite :( Lack of activity has given me more time to focus on food unfortunately there is a price to pay for bad choices :( I've got the extended stomach that's not soft but rather firm also a hernia that causes heartburn my doctors are not concerned either ? interesting ... I loved those cig's too :(

  • Hi there your description in age and illnesses could be me in all but age, I'm 68, with regards the hiatal hernia I was in hospital for over a month around two years ago and the doctors where more or less the same, they said I need an operation but would not operate because of my severe COPD and the dangers this would incur. The problem they said was not the operation but my resusetation after operation, excuse spellings, but don't despair I'm still going strong in bed most of the time but still love life in general, be careful of your diet do everything at half speed and keep up the fight, you can enjoy life with severe illness. God Bless hope your feeling better soon.

  • I haven't, but my husband recently had this type hernia repaired and now he's not using reflux medicine. 😁

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