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Dealing with COPD #struggleisreal


Hello my name is Debbie. I am 53 and I was diagnosed with COPD in 2007 . I had an exasperation in January 2013 . I was in the hospital for a week and came home on oxygen full-time. I am currently on a 3 at rest and 4 when I am doing anything. I wera out easy so I don't do too much . I can still do laundry and I try and cook dinner for my husband every night . As far as house cleaning the way I would like to have it done, it doesn't happen. I get aggravated when I have to ask for help and aggravated that I have to ask ! Hope that makes sense - I am dealing with depression - something that I do not like to admit , because I try to stay strong , but I am truly not as strong as I want to be .

I have 2 dogs that are my constant companions . I take care of them daily - taking them out loving on them and playing with them - I certainly don't know what I would do without my fur babies !

Weather effects what I can accomplish on most days - some days I can not tolerate going outside between allergies and humidity and or dew point . I struggle daily to feel well enough to function . I am miserable because my mind spins scenarios of things I want to do or want to get done and I go to start and I am worn out before I get it all done therefore many projects started and not finished !

Sorry for the venting - I am glad I found this group- hoping some one can help me feel like a human again by sharing our stories !

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take , but by moments that take our breath away .

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I have been diagnosed for 10years it's been in an out of hospital with pneumonia all this time to like you get aggravated having to ask for help, I just recently got on hospice and learned about stage 4 care for copd

DebbieI in reply to paulakay

Thanks for your reply - will keep you in my prayers - breathe easy

I know exactly where you're coming from. This could have been written by me. I guess we need to learn Patience.

DebbieI in reply to pekeatzu

Yes patience would be nice ! Hope that will help ! Thanks for your reply

paulakay in reply to pekeatzu

That I will agree with patience I will continue to pray for all thank you

I'm the same

DebbieI in reply to skowgegan

Glad to know I am not the only one - thanks for your reply


I have the same problem It is hard to cope with everyday tasks I get so sworn out

DebbieI in reply to Hidden

Yes I have lists in my head of things I want done and some days just the thought wears me out !

Hello Debbie and welcome to the group. I don’t feel that you are venting at all. We all need to express how we feel and are doing, so you are in good company.

Like many others I too feel as if you wrote much of my story. So much of this disease can get us down, which can lead to depression. I am glad you mention it because it is a real part to many of our lives and we need not feel bad, fearful, or even ashamed to talk about it. I recently have been coming out about my own depression starting with my doctor and children. Talking about it is a best first step.

I’m glad you can still get out with your dogs for some activity. I love my kitty dearly as she too is a great companion in good and bad times. If you ever get your projects completed I have plenty of unfinished ones!


DebbieI in reply to Peteybob

LOL Pete - some days I get started and well that is all - other days a little bit at a time - today I did laundry 3 loads and moved some furniture cooked dinner and exhausted but can not sleep ?

paulakay in reply to Peteybob

I feel the same way u do it gets frustrating when you to complete projects an loose your air

I have COPD and I use inhalers when I can, but not sure they help. I used to get out of breath pulling the first weed, but i no longer do yard work, etc. I know how it is to be tired and out of breath all the time. Im not as bad as what you say, but I do feel for you.

DebbieI in reply to BasM

Thanks for your reply - loved my flower gardens - need to seed my beds and would love to plant some flowers !

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