Hi, I have been in hospital for a month,

I have a severe COPD. I ended with antibiotics every month for the first 10 days of the month. When I entered to hospital I was able to walk with out oxygen for period of the new during the day and oxygen all night. For the moment I can't walk or stay whit out oxígeno, I also having time getting up when I go out of the tub. I wonder if this happens to sombdy and if you were able to recover. I'm getting very depressed.

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  • Hi ajua: Welcome and I'm so sorry to hear you are going through this. I take an antibotic low dose every day from November thru April to prevent me from getting a bad flare up. I find that it's very important that you exercise every day as much as you can, this helps keep the lungs strong. I'm guessing that you have been in bed alot while in the hospital, you need to have physical therapy work with you to get your strength back. Make sure you are drinking lots of water, I even drink Power Aid which helps keep my electrolites balanced. I believe we can recover from bad flares but it will take time and lots of work. Don't give up!!

    Keep us posted

  • Thanks for that advise. What do you mean whit low dose antibiotics? What kind do you take? Do you change antibiotics every month?

  • I take 250 mg daily of Zithromax, when I do have a flare up I double it to 500mg for 14 days. I use the same antibotic every day.

  • I hope mine is not severe, but I an on oxygen 24/7 so far I can do a like very little walking but I can get myself out of a tub okay, I have another problem I have bone on bone in my right knee, and because I would not be able to do the exerzie(spelling) no one will do the knee surgery so until they do not work at all I get shots. But they are not lasting the full 3 months. Crap.

  • Hi, I hope you resolve you knee problem soon. What kind of shots do you get?

  • Hi, I'm sorry you experienced all you did. A month in the hospital would surely be a cause of weakness. I was in hospitalized for 5 days in the Fall & that knocked me a loop! I had to use a walker for 2 weeks after I got home. I was so fatigued. I tried to push myself to exercise in order to get well. After working out, even stretching or doing light weights made me feel better afterwards. I'm not on oxygen, so I don't know anything about that. Hopefully someone can advise you about that. I'll be praying that you recover soon. Terri

  • Have they been having you walk hallways? If they've kept you in bed most of the time that would make it harder for you, with copd if we don't keep moving we won't be able to, unless we rebuild our stamina

  • Thanks for you reply,

    What do you mean to stamina? How can we rebuild our stamina?

    I'm home now and I able to walk and each day I'm able to wet more strength. I still beds to be in oxygen 24/7 hopping that I can get back to unlucky used at night I'm so frustrated. I'm also experience A lot of pain in my upper legs having hard time to take the pain away.

  • Stamina is length of time we can move beforeverything we have to stop, whether we need to stop because of lack of oxygen or just too tired

  • Sorry you are having a hard time, I hope you can go home soon. A hospital is no place for a sick person. :) (Joke made in earnest.)

    I would reconsider taking antibiotics. They can be OK on occasion in the short term but not something you want to rely on long term. There are natural alternatives to antibiotics, this page lists some. I would add high dose vitamin C to the list. institutefornaturalhealing....

    I've posted about vitamin C for COPD:


  • I also am having problems recovering from an exerbation as my oxygen has to be turned up as high as it can go 5 LPM. The pulm doc says that from being sick for several months I slowed up or stopped at times my exercise routine. This needs to be stepped up to hopefully regain the benefits I lost before being sick. As far as the bath goes, I love them too, but it is hard to rise after , even w/ the handicap bars. I found if you turn over and get on your hands and knees and lift up that way it's much easier.....good luck and keep on breathing deep...purse lip...:)

  • Hi, sorry I didn't answer sooner. I'm sorry your going through all this. It is probable that your gonna be on oxygen from now on. When it's severe, and you have bad exasurbations, it can take a lot out of you. It can be very depressing but try to keep busy as much as possible and eat plenty vegetables and fruit. Drinking water helps tremendously in keeping mucus thin so you breathe easier. I also take probiotics that my dr. Told me To get they really help cuz taking a lot of antibiotics can take a toll. I hope this helps a little. Try to stay positive and if need be see a counselor, it really helps.


  • I use a shower chair it's so much easier

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