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exercising with copd


I have emphysema for 15 years , am now on home oxygen 24/7 with oxygenator and bottles, I do have regular chest infections the worst one was last year when I had the flu ,pnenomia and nearly passed away due to complications, I want to increase my walking distance and was wondering if a treadmill would help as I can only manage to walk 4/5 mtres before getting out of breath

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Hi, I have a treadmill at home & find that's very helpful. First, often times the humidity is so high outside that I wouldn't be able to go out, no less walk. Then, the fact that I can hold on to the handles as I walk helps me feel safer. Hope you're able to get one & that it helps you. God bless, Terri

thank you terri for your reply, I will keep an eye out for one as I feel I could walk further once I got used to it

take care


liftpulmonaryrehab.com/clas... this might help they are classes you can take and there is different prices it is for people who can't get out for a number of reasons. I haven't used it much yet because of the heat but it might be worth a try they give you a free trial I live in the us and not sure if you can even access it.good luck, jane

You should have been put on pulmonary rehab after release from hospital. Exercise is the best way to improve lung capacity. Feel better!

I agree you should definitely talk to your pulmonologist about pulmonary rehab. They will help you learn how to exercise safely so your O2 doesn’t drop too low and what to do when it does.

I have done PR and after that a pulmonary exercise program for strength training. It has made an enormous difference for me. I am managing so much better than I was before I started a strict exercise regimen. Definitely exercise but definitely do it safely, talk to your pulmo about pulmonary rehab.

yes, a treadmill helps a lot.

I do gentle exercise using the BLF exercise book . You can tailor it to your own level. Any exercise will help to keep your lungs clearer.



15 yrs, wow. We’re you diagnosed at a mild stage? How old were you?

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