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I am new to this site. Thanks for your reading this. I have COPD from 50 years of smoking. I quit smoking 3 years ago and have stayed away from 2nd hand smoke. My Doctor - several of them - continue to tell me there is no cure for my COPD; they say "I know best - take the medication"! I am looking for ways to increase my SPo2 to stay above 80 or so. I have been on oxygen for a couple of years; I do a short workout routine every day; and I walk every other day. I am taking no medication. I have the meds and choose to not use them. I am in no pain, have no problem spending several hours a day at my desk job, and cannot walk for more than a minute or two without resting and catching my breath.

I am looking for suggestions to prolong my life by increasing my blood oxygen up-take. What have you done to help yours? THANKS - 1cmarnold

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  • Welcome 1cmarnold! I can't help with your question but others certainly can. You will find this site helpful. I sure do! Brenda

  • Cannabis oil ! Google the name JeffCOPDWaters

  • I think from what my Dr. told me you are shorting all you other organs from getting the oxygen they need which is not good. But as far as I know I take meds and I am also on oxygen 24/7 do not like to be for sure but I have had several test done, lately the blood taken from the vein coming right from the heart and it was 96 which the doctor said was about right for my organs to get. Good luck on your venture but I wish you would follow your Dr. . COPD only get worse but you have to do your part. Maybe be God will heal you then every thing will be great. Good Luck. If you find away let me know would love to get off oxygen. I have bone on bone in one knee so I cannot walk very far at all with out pain or excercise except for my upper body.

  • Hi 1cmarnold;

    Congrats on stopping smoking, I have heard how hard this is to do. I got copd from second hand smoke. When you do for your walks, doctor told to do 15 minutes each time until I wasn't having that much trouble and then go up to 45 minutes and so on. I take my oxygen with me which I have found helps me walk long distance. I don't go any where without my rescue inhaler, it is a life saver for me.. I think you should give it a try just to find out it you feel better on it. Drink lots of water, this will help keep mucus thinned out. I have heard some people say to blow bubbles as this helps strength the lungs. I use a spirometry which I was given in the hospital when I had surgery, it helps me a lot.

    Have you done a Pulmonary Rehab. class? If not have your doctor order if for you.

    Don't ever give up, if we do we loose this battle.

  • 1cmarnold, first and foremost allow me to congratulate you stop smoking this will slow down the deterioration of your lung function, in order for your COPD to be managed properly you must listen to your doctors and take your medication. When I was 1st diagnosed with COPD years ago I was extremely skeptical about taking these two inhalers that I'm on especially this purple disk (Advair) the doctor prescribed it for me but I simply refuse to take it that is until one hot summer day I had to take a trip to the emergency room because I literally couldn't breathe the ending results I was forced to take theAdvair Diskus., even though I'm not on oxygen as of yet takingSpiriva, and Advair assist in managing my COPD quite well. I realize it's your life and your choice but if you want to walk longer without stopping to catch your breath every two or three steps take your inhalers or any other medication that your pulmonologist prescribe, I wish you luck God bless and thanks for allowing me to share

  • Have your pulmonary Dr. prescribe oxygen. I find that it has helped me stay in the mid 90's for SPO2. I use my oxygen most when I am sleeping. I also use Spiriva, and Symbicort inhalers. I appreciate the fact you don't want to take medicine, but you are hurting yourself. I also take 2400mg of Zyflo Cr and Daliresp 500mg, I find they help with coughing up phlegm and removing it from my lungs. You also have to make yourself walk and do an easy but effective workout once you get your O2 levels up in the upper 80's. I have suffered with Acute Chronic Bronchitis most of my life due to suffering German Measles and Pneumonia at a young age with a temperature of 105 for several days which the Drs., said fried my lung tissue. I have never allowed my health problems to rule my life. You have to take a positive attitude, and not give up. You can be your own worst enemy if you let it. Hope this advise helps.

  • Welcome to this site. I'm so glad you quit smoking. I see that you've already received very good advice . I would encourage taking the meds prescribed to treat the copd. They usually help. I just got diagnosed 2 months ago but learned so much from everyone here who have gone through the same things as us. One thing I read somewhere was: " I have copd, but copd doesn't have me" I'll be praying for you.

  • I take tai chi for an hour a day twice a week. It has helped me a lot

  • Denial and the attitude that my children had when they were learning to tie their shoes, "I can do it myself" was my first reaction when told about treatments because I am not a "medicine taker", So I would not establish a regime until I was told that low O2 levels effected my brain function. I figured I'd rather be able to talk to my family than show I "can do it myself". It was a mind over matter thing for me in the beginning, the difference between the physical effects of without vs with medication was the key for me. I am constantly learning more about this disease, I also subscribe to the American Lung Association "Inspire" website for additional information and inspiration. Wishing you blessings. Peace.

  • Thinking you can prolong your life and quality of life if you use the medications along with oxygen. I'm not a physician but I believe what they say about copd not only is oxygen our friend so are the medications.

    Bless you

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