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Vitamin C for COPD

I posted this link replying in another thread, but want to make sure more people see it. High dose vitamin C can help COPD, read the comments here:

Lypospheric is best, it is a bit costly but you can make it yourself. The Facebook group, Vitamin C & Orthomolecular Medicine For Optimal Health, has tons of info and the members are very helpful.

One of the comments from the above link (it is very worthwhile to read through all of them, except the last four which look like spamming):

"I gave vitamin c to a friend who had been on oxygen in nightime since February.

This was three weeks ago. She has only been on oxygen once since.

I gave her lipsosmal vitamin c (vitamin c in nanoballs wrapped in phosphydatil Choline.) This increases the level of vitamin c ten times over typical oral c."

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My dad who has now been gone for many years was told by his doctor to take vitamin C with Rose Hips, I do think it helped him. When he went into Assisted Living they refused to give it to him and his breathing got worst.


They refused to give it to him despite his doctor's orders? And yet I am sure they gave him his regular meds.

In a way it is understandable. If people got enough vitamin C in them, places like that would go out of business!


It's not understandable when it's doctor ordered, these places should not be making those decisions.

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Totally agree they shouldn't. I was just speculating on their reasoning.

Places like that are very used to meds, and unfamiliar with natural remedies like vitamins. They may be scared off by info spread by the pharma industry about the dangers of supplements. Here is a good article on that issue:


Unfortunately, those places usually don't allow you to keep your own doctors so then their doctors change things. At least this is what I have found with nursing homes with my Grandparents.


It’s about what’s covered by insurance. It has nothing to do with the doctors orders. If it isn’t recognized by the FDA their hands are tied. It’s the government and it’s regulating bodies. VOTE ...



Vitamin C protects against COPD

Many of us are familiar with TV ads promoting drugs to treat the symptoms of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Smoking is a big risk factor because oxidative toxins in smoke can damage the lungs. But recent research shows that vitamin C can reduce the risk of COPD. In a recent study, heavy smokers who had the highest intake of vitamin C in their diet (more than 140 mg/day) had a 77% reduction in risk for COPD compared to those with low intake.[6] Other nutrients were helpful too, such as retinol (a vitamin A precursor found in egg yolks, butter, and liver) and carotene (another vitamin A precursor found in carrots and other orange and dark green vegetables). The authors suggest that these essential antioxidants improve the immune response and are responsible for antioxidant defenses in the lungs that aid recovery from inhaling toxins in smoke. The mechanism is thought to be in part vitamin C's ability to restore vascular endothelial growth factor levels and proliferation of alveolar cells in the lungs.[6]


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