June - summertime !

Hello all - it is Sunday the 12th of June - I have not been out of my house to go anywhere since the 3rd . It is so hot this weekend and the dew point and humidity so high I am on lock down ! Miserable to say the least ! How do you cope when you are limited to what you can do - I am really tired of tripping over this oxygen cord or even worse someone else tripping over it ! I laugh but it hurts my heart and secretly get upset . So tried of being limited on where I can go and when and how far ! Sorry just getting it off my chest - hope everyone is having a great day and able to enjoy there summer ! Breathe easy !

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  • I know how you feel i have the same problem when i do go out i have to ride a bus and that is miserable when I spend more time waiting for the bus than actually riding the bus. I am also tired of not be able to go when I want to. I am so thankful for my computer and my hobbies (crocheting and plastic canvas). My god daughter and her mother come sometimes and take me to the grocery store.Will be praying for you. Thank you for your response.

  • It is cold, damp and windy here, feels like late fall heading into winter. Had to put the heat on. it has caused a flare up, pain in mid back. Back on antibotics and wishing the sun would shine. I have to go out today for an appointment I would rather not do that but that's life. Hope everyone is breathing easy today.

  • I feel the same way sometimes. I have a 50ft cord so I can go anywhere in the house, but even the dog trips over it. I have almost ripped my own nose off while shopping with my portable tank, it only has a 7 foot cord. It's really pretty funny when it happens. Hang in there everyone has to a just to the cord of life.

  • Hi, My name is Viki and I just joined.What medications were you on?I.m going through some rough time with my husband who was diagnosed with lung cancer 9 months ago, He had treatment and things look stable so far, but he also has copd having breathing trouble, but after the cancer treatments it has gotten worse. I know that radiation and chemo can cause some problems, side effect. His oxygen levels were pretty good a few weeks ago, but we took a trip to my daughter where it was very humid and hot and it seemed that all of a sudden he got worse, He normally only needs oxygen when walking , but this weekend his levels were 87 at rest or a little lower, With oxygen at 95, I have been having him eat right and he started probiotics a few weeks ago, takes supplements for his immune system . I just wonder if Clear Lungs, and chlorophyll supplements. I have been doing alot of research of what helps, but most of the supplements are very expensive. I will have to try the oil that you mentioned. I just am so overwhelmed with all this. Thanks for listening.

  • Cant' help you w/ the tripping over the oxygen cord....I just try and reel it in behind me so it doesn't snag and clothesline me. I HATE that...I would go nuts if I didn't get out once in a while. When it's real hot out I go out early in the day and early evening for a walk or shopping at least. I wear a backpack so my arms are free and it helps me balance. Pulling a cannister behind me is too cumbersome. Get out and go to pulmonary rehab to help your breathing and education. good luck and keep on keeping on.

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