Is it really COPD?

I had one lung function test where my FEV1 was 46 and then another test where my FEV1 was 75? Isn't an FEV1 of 75 still considered to be mild COPD? I don't know if I took the first test right, but how can these values be so off? I also have a severely reduced FVC and a very low DLCO. I Had signs of hyperinflation of lungs, but my HRTC scan and Chest X-ray were both completely normal. I really don't know what to make of all of this. I have low oxygen levels at night. My oxygen levels are under 88 all night long. Could you have COPD and a completely normal HRCT scan and chest X-ray? I read somewhere that COPD can be missed on HRCT scan, especially low dose HRCT. Wouldn't hyperinflation show up on a basic X-ray? Also, my FEV1/FEV ration are elevated at 90. Maybe their machines were not calibrated properly? For now I'm going to stop using the inhalers and not even worry about it. My PCP says I do not have COPD because my lungs are clear, but the specialist says I do have it. What do you guys think?

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  • I dunno. You probably have copd

  • wow you need to talk to someone who knows about this stuff. all i know is i'm less than 25% function and strive to breathe every day. on oxygen and nebulizers 2x a day and 24/7. if you don't need the inhalers dont use them. save your lungs and exercise, eat right, maintian positive attitue and don't worry......keep on keeping on...if you need it use it!

  • I would take the word of a pulmonary doctor over a PC any day, Pulmonary are trained to diagnose lung diseases and PC is not. it could be that the inhalers you are on are not working for you, there are many inhalers out there and we have to find the ones that work the best for us, that means trying them until you find them. COPD you can have really good days and others are not so good,even terrible, that could explain the difference in the FEV1. I would make a guess you may have copd with asthma overlay.

  • MY PCP might have been a pulmonary doc before, but he is now just an internal medicine doctor. I had blood clots in my lungs a few years back and have not felt the same since. It's like my lungs hurt all of the time. I keep on wanting to believe there is more going on with my lungs then I have already experienced. All of the scans show completely normal lungs with normal circulation. I guess maybe it is mild COPD. I will be seeing the pulmonologist again for my sleep apnea and ask for another breathing test. Thanks for the support.

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