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Need some help on understanding...


I was wondering if anyone else has the feeling that their bra has been getting a lot tighter? My mom always complained of how her bra felt tight. And she was told due to the emphysema she had a barrel chest. Does anyone out there understand that or know what that means? Also I sweat all the time sometimes uncontrollably. I'm not just talking about night sweats, I am talking about all day all night. I wonder if it was due to the COPD so I asked my doctor, and she said she didn't think so but I might be premenopausal. Does anyone out there have this problem also and has your doctor told you anything about it. Last question guys I promise. Any advice on personal hygiene? My bathing or showering is starting to be less frequent. I also suffer from severe carpal tunnel in both hands, and in the shower or bath not only can I not breathe very well which physically exhaust but my hands go very numb and get very painful to wash my hair,shave etc. I truly can't stand how my bathing and showering status is and if anyone can give me advice, that would be Awsome sauce. prayers for all.

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Hi, it sounds to me like you need to have your doctor order a visiting nurse to come in and help do your bath, it can be daily or three times a week, whatever you want. At the dept. store you can buy a package of already bath cloths, like what they use on babies only adult size, I use these in between my showers and they work good. As for the bra issue, just let it out or if you can go without. Even thou I'm a large person and have more then I need on top when ever I'm having a bad flare up and know I'm not going out I will go without my bra.

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HI Lorna ,I have problems with my bra being too tight also at times it restricts my breathing and I always assumed because it was the asthma part of my COPD. I know for sure the bra cannot be tight that I have on. Does this problem concerning yourbrain occurs frequently then only thing you can do is go without a bra

I have same problem, luckily I'm small up there and just go without, same thing for tight shirts, anything that feels tight just doesn't work. get a shower chair it's been a game changer for me I don't have to stand up, do you wear oxygen? if so wear it in shower it helped me, shower head that you can take off wall and move around you helps.

I feel your pain....even though I am the same wt my bra is too small around the chest, not the cup...It's really hard to find a 46 size..i'm copd for a decade and it's showing. i now buy exercise bras that you don't have to fasten but they are just not that comfortable and when you do find one they are over a hundred dollars.

when i was young i had such a bad presperation problem i only would wear sweaters so the sweating would not show. Now the opposite problem I don't sweat at all....but am always a slight temperature. I'm sure it's hormonal but at 65 I have been menopausal since my thirties.

As far as the showering goes...turn your air the must stay clean at least every 3 rd day. my own dad said well once a week is good enough to shower. I don't think so, I dont feel right unless I'm clean. I'm pretty much the hairless varity so dont bother with shaving. lol good luck...get to pulmonary rehab so you have more endurance and keep on keeping on...:)

My bra felt tighter it's the steroids in the meds to me steroids make you gain weight I did since I got on copd meds like 20 lbs oh I'm not going to a bueauty contest

Thank you all for helping answer my questions. the bra thing is driving me nuts. I only have 3 bras and I truly can't afford new ones. Still waiting on disabilty and bills before comfort. my bras are stretched to the limit. but it helps that others experience the same thing and its not just my imagination. I go without alot. But live with husband and nephew, so I get so uncomfortable. Especially with nephew. Even though he's 30. But thank you on your advice for shower, bathing. I have been doing sponge baths but I don't feel so clean. I have been looking into a shower chairs. right now not in budget. again I appreciate the answers. prayers for all..

Hey anyone know if disability helps with stuff like that? still waiting on disability answer, and praying. but any advice would be appreciated.

I have a regular generic garden variety plastic lawn chair for my shower. It's not medical supply but it works great, has slits so shower water runs through it just like rain would, it's super light to move in or out of shower for others and it was only about 7 dollars!

I forgot to tell you if you are taking any pain meds. that will cause you to sweat all the time. When you go on disabilty you get medicare and it covers alot of things. If you get a hold of Active Aging they can help you also.

The council on aging in my town lends out things that are needful when you have disabilities, like shower seats, walkers, canes, etc. Maybe you can look into that. I'm sorry to hear about the pain you're having with carpel tunnel. I have it in both arms, along with ulner neuritis. Do you have the braces for your wrists? I found that they helped some during the night time. I'll be praying for some release for you.

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Check 2nd hand stores for chair I got mine at one for $5. And depending on store they will sometimes give it to you if you're in that much need, good will won't but union gospel mission, salvation army both have programs

I cant wear a bra anymore I wear little silky under shirts. My mind is slow today cant think of the name of it. I cant wear anything tight around me any more it shuts my air off. If your doctor writes a scrip you can get wipes free or very low cost. Good luck!

Thank u. um... what is the name of the wipes u are talking about?

There are bra extenders that come in 2, 3 or 4 hooks. They are reasonable priced and can be found in Walmart or online at Amazon.

as for the bra thing I gave up wearing one because yes it got very uncomfortable.

Everyone male and female get barrel chested with COPD

Do you use oxygen? If so use it while showering, get bath chair, so you can sit while you wash. Yes to bra feeling tight! I don't wear one unless I HAVE TO, somewhere where I have to take jacket off, found some cute cover shirts that I'll be wearing this summer over my tanks,so breacts don't show. Do you live in states, most beauty schools offer hair washing for $5 Great Clips does too. So it's not to bad to go in 1-2 times a month.

hi I too have these issues I hate it but to be honest my weight is also becoming a problem aswell

I wasn't showering much when I was suffering from anxiety/depression. It has improved now. I heard Botox helps your sweat glands. If you decide to go that route you MUST check with your Dr first. I had been operated on my right hand for carpal tunnel way back in around 1985. Didn't help back then. You may want to pick up a shower chair so you won't be worried about falling or passing out. Lastly I had had a hysterectomy when I was 33 and couldn't take hormones. I am now 64 and still get hot flashes. Best of luck.

I supposedly went through menopause years ago, but now at 61 I am getting hot flashes (and I am usually cold).

A shower chair is a good idea, maybe if you doctor says it's medically necessary, health insurance will at least help pay for it?

As for bra, those extenders are a real possibility. I know how you feel, I am outgrowing my bras and my clothes, but no money in the budget for new. I only wear a bra when I go out in public, as soon as I get home, it comes off.


I quit wearing a bra about a year ago because I couldn't stand anything around my chest

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