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Hi I'm new here and would like some feedback on mucus relief

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Hi I'm new here...my mom was diagnosed with COPD about 30 years ago..she is now 89 years old...GOD BLESS HER...however her disease has progressed in the last couple of years because of her age and also several bouts of pneumonia ... Her biggest problem at this time is the mucus in her lungs...she spends so much time trying to expel this junk that it leaves her so tired and out of breathe ...any suggestions on what we could try that would at least eliminate some of this mucus...she uses albuteral and budesonide on the nebulizer along with spiriva and brio once daily...I am interested in some more natural remedies also..any info would be greatly appreciated ..tu

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Best thing I've found is mucinex. They make it in a liquid and it loosens mucus allowing it to to be brought up more easily. One thing though is to make certain you increase water intake as it can dry a person out if you don't.

Drink green tea with honey and lemon, I have a cup of hot water with lemon in the morning to loosen things up and then have the tea. Dr. told me to use Muscinex twice a day. Try Halls Lemon and Honey cough drops, they sometimes work for me and drink lots of water no matter what else you use, water thins it out.

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Does coffee thin it down please

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Coffee being hot helps and is also a natural expectorant but it is a diuretic so it can also dry you out as well so you need to drink lots of water if you drink coffee. It does help me in the morning but I make sure to drink lots of water throughout the day.

mucinex is a God send.

Use an acapella flutter valve (I like the green one- sold on Amazon) and take 1000mg of N-Acetylene Cysteine daily with Doctor approval.(also sold on Amazon). Works great for me - along with mucinex and nebulizer of course. When these things clear me out, I can maintain with just the NAC and go for 6 - 8 weeks without mucus.

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Hi Lady at coach,

I just received NAC

Before leaving for AZ I noticed my heartburn acts up.....have you or anyone else same?

I'm on Breo now and oxygen to sleep..the heavy feeling in my chest is gone but still get breathless with activity!

Once again, bless all on this site and thank you always for posting and encouragement.

I found that using a humidifier helps break up the cause also drink lots of water at least 8 cups a day , with a 12 hour muscanx

Mucinex in any form is very good. But don't buy the "DM" variety. Just the plain.

I use Mucinex (4 hr type) and steam ,although most thinks it's suffocating is another way.

I take Singulair prescribed by my doctor. I have very little mucus or PHELGM

I use peppermint and green or ginseng tea combined in the morning, along with prescribed medication. Sweeten with honey if desired. I drink it plain.

I take Mucinex twice daily and it seems to help.

Check out the comments here. Everyone with COPD ought to be on high dose vitamin C, and lipospheric is the best.


Lots of water and musinex . It took me a while to listen to everyone telling me to drink water l decided to give it a try and boy does it work


I've been using supplements for awhile now. Nac, mullien, etc. I take immune support supplements everyday. I also take mucinex daily. I also use advise 500/50 and I nebulize albuterol bromide mixture every 4-6hrs and I'm in 2%oxygen 24/7. I'm stage 4 emphysema for 6yrs

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