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Hello! I'm a new member who has joined to try and help my lovely dad!


Hi Everyone! My father is 63 and he has COPD. He stopped smoking 34 years ago but has suffered with Asthma since he was a small boy and unfortunately these things combined have resulted in this diagnosis. Lately he has struggled a lot with being able to clear the excess mucus on his chest and in his throat despite being prescribed steroids and antibiotics. He has a terrible cough and it it wearing him out. Even though he is trying not to let it get him down, I can see it is becoming difficult for him. I have been researching possible natural supplements that are good for clearing mucus and helping with his other symptoms. I was wondering if anyone has any advice or takes anything themselves that they have found to be useful. I have read that Omega 3, Ginseng and N-Acetyl Cysteine NAC could all be helpful! Any advise or tips would be greatly appreciated. Dad has retired now and I want him to be able to enjoy it as much as possible after working so very hard all of his life. Thank you in advance for reading this everyone and as my knowledge and experiences increase hopefully I will be able to help you. Hope you all have a lovely day. Rebecca x

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Hi, I', new here also...signed on to help my 56y.o. brother who has COPD and RA. Everytging you wrote sounds alot like what I am going through. I too have read a little about NAC and ordered some for him. If anyone has any knowledge or experience with it please let us know.

Mucus nex works

Hi Rebecca,

I too am 63 years old, grew up with asthma, and now have COPD. The primary difference for me is I've NO cough, which I'm learning is a great thing.

I wish I could be of assistance, but I'll be learning from you! God bless your Dad, and thank you, as his daughter, in being there to help! 😍

@Bubba1981, good morning, just read your post, sorry your dad is having such a problem. He should talk to his doctor about taking mucinex, I know of several that take quite a large dose of this everyday, ONLY WITH THEIR DOCTORS APPROVAL. And, drinking lots of water might help too. I hope he can get some relief. Good luck and God Bless.

I take N-Acetyl Cysteine daily (1000 mg). It helps tremendously. I take it everyday, even when I'm mucus free. When symptoms do begin to appear, I take Musinex, drink more fluids, and use a flutter valve to get it up and out. The quicker you clear it, the better chances you have of avoiding an infection.

They have a device called a flute real cheap looks like a flute you play. When used it looses the mucus so he can split it out. I order my on line ask your doctor about it. Good luck

Kay Greenway

Doraville Ga

Hi, my Doctor told me to take mucinex--D, there is no prescription needed, but you do have to go to the pharmacist to request it. It seems to help me with the congestion, mucus is easier to bring up. Hope this will help,

I am going through same thing I have no answers

Hi COPD is a progressive diease and will continue to slowly get worst there isn't any cures just meds to make u feel better , watch him close make sure he doesn't get a low grade feaver and check his oxygen levels saturation , anything higher then 87 is livable but if he get below that he will need oxygen , and he may need it already your dr . Will know , COPD is a term used to describe lung diseases many different ones , if he is coughing u should get to the dr just to be safe , he may need and antibiotic , keep a watch on him good luck , I hope he gets better soon

I use mucinex twice a day and the recommended breathing/coughing to loosen it up and spit it out. If it more a useless cough unproductive you can try robitussin dm which has an expectorant. Azyrthromycin 3 times a week helps. I would tall to the dr first all have side affects even all natural.

I do take NAC have for a couple of years. Also take allergy tablet. Cough could be from bp medicine mine use to make me cough. They just changed it. I use proair before I take my medicine. Sometimes I drink lemon tea.

Hi Rebecca, I also have copd & kept having congestion. Someone mentioned drinking pineapple juice. It has an enzyme in it that helps with congestion & inflammation. I've been drinking some every morning & a lot of water daily. It has been very helpful. I commend you for looking after your dad. He's blessed to have you. I'll be praying for both of you as you continue caring for him . God bless, Terri

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