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Why am I so tired advice needed please help


Hi all hope everyone is well as can be I'm looking for some information to help me through these bouts of tiredness I just can't keep my eyes open feel tired constantly tried fighting it I can't do it ,not sure what to do sleeping about 14,hours a day any advice I would be very grateful I'm not depressed i do lung excersises every day I walk in home for 30 minutes everyday I try to help myself I just can't keep awake I'm not diabetic I just don't understand why I'm feeling this way thank you have a blessed day all xx

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Tiredness can be caused by many things. You need to see a Dr and or your Pulmonologist to get it properly diagnosed. Please ensure, however, that they check your oxygen level 1) at rest, 2) actively doing something, 3) during a 6 minute walk test, and 4) during your evening sleep. Best Wishes, judg69

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Thank you judg69 I'm like a zombie not sure if I need oxygen I never feel rested have a blessed day x

for twenty dollars or so you can pick up a pulse oximeter at the pharmacy or on line. put it on your finger no nail polish and if you register less than 90% saturation you most likely will need oxygen. I am very severe and on oxygen 11 years now and am exausted most of the time. Takes exercise to get the oxygen to your organs and muscles. good luck. oxygen deprivation also makes me very forgetfull

Thank you Valeriejean I'm sorry your going through this I'm so tired and exauhsted doing much of nothing sleep is all I seem to do can't keep awake have a blessed day Hun ,I'm trying this carrot juice that scientists say helps repair the lungs don't know if it's true but we will try anything if it helps here is a link healthy-holistic-living.com/ in case you want to try it I don't juice them I just buy it already bottled I've only started it 2 days ago keeping fingers crossed x

Please let me know about the carrot juice.

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