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Good pm everybody, patricia 7 here. Sunday 31st of July 2016. Could you help me please? I have an appointment with a Consultant Respiratory Doctor in August. I was diagnosed with COPD December2015. Ex smoker 6 yrs, on Salbutamol/Tiotropium. Completed pr course just over a month ago. Was in hospital x7 days in May 2016, one other episode approx x8 weeks ago, no chest infection, started on steroids x7 days. I do not know what Stage I am at.I feel at a loss really, even at rest I was out of breath prior to being admitted to hospital. Chest xray clear apart from COPD changes. I dont understand why I become breathless. The second time no cough/cold nothing. Ist outpatients appointment since being out of hospital in May. I keep fit, I eat well. I am on my own no partner/children. I am 52yrs old. I have been checking my saturation levels, they are fine. I would appreciate your thoughts please. Thank you very much. Patricia7.

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  • Ask about different inhalers there are more out there try to find ones that really help, see if there if respiratory rehab.they you can go to.

  • I use Advair as one of my inhalers but I have thing I dislike about it. You can get thrush if you are not careful and I dd. It was painful and took meds and time to get over it.

  • @patricia7 Definitely try to get in a respiratory rehab program. They will help you to compensate and function in your new "normals" (that change often). Correct inhaler administration and usage are a must. If you skip or forget, it is your loss. Use your rescue inhaler immediately for bronchiospasms. Don't try to wait it out. (Or you will end up with pneumothorax - you do not want that pain and hospital stay.). Remember to exercise even though you feel as if you can not take another step (that feeling is air trapping and you can work through it provided your O2 levels do not drop below 90). Exercise today and you will feel better tomorrow. Sit today and you will sit longer tomorrow. (I'm preaching to myself! I have been home from the hospital 2 days now following pneumothorax and pneumonia, so please forgive my lecture! I need it! I'm a "never" smoker, nor was I ever around second had smoke, bad things just happen. Don't put yourself on a guilt trip. Keep your emotions balanced and well. I'm 59 years old, diagnosed in 2012, am on three inhalers, O2 24/7, antibiotics M,W,F (full time), 5 mg of prednisone, and NAC (N-acetyl cysteine) and waiting on a lung transplant (when I become unstable again - I've been stable two years despite two hospital stays and numerous infections. God takes care of things in His own timing). However, this disease does not have me. I babysit my four grandsons (ages 14 months, 2, 5, and 7) daily and they jump and hop over my oxygen tubing pulling me anywhere they think I need to be. I'm sure we are a comical crew in action to someone looking on! May God bless you, guide you, and give you peace in dealing with this disease. He is our stronghold - and remember to pray for your doctors! They need His guidance.

  • How in the world can care for children as sick as you are?

  • I'm am raising 3 grandkids 7 yr. 5 yr who's Autistic, and 3 yr. They are one of the things that keep me moving

  • @patrica7, hello. We all have situations that bother us. Maybe it's way humid, or dusty, in and outside,allergies, to cold or to hot, doing to much without pacing ourselves, so many situations that can make those of us with COPD have a bad day or affects breathing. I've been doing some work in my yard, if I stay outside to long my breathing is affected,I know this but I'm to stubborn to save some for another day. Today I came in after a short time because of humidity, of which we don't usually have. We gotta learn what is good and what is harmful. Even our doctors don't always know. But, just talk to your doc like you wrote in your message, am sure he will answer all your questions. Write them down so you don't forget. Good luck. Keep us informed. God Bless

  • It makes no sense if your oxygen level is up. One questions is what your level is. Do you have one of those finger things, I am not sure of the name but it tells you how much oxygen is in your blood.

  • Oxsymiter you can get one at most drug stores usually under $50. Mine was 30

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