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Do I need a saturation monitor?

Good am, my name is Patricia7, I was diagnosed with COPD last December 2015. I am an ex-smoker. I am new to forums .Recently admitted to hospital with a chest infection; Ist time in my life despite having been a smoker. I wanted to ask would it be worth me buying a saturation monitor, I hope that is the right name for it. I would welcome your opinions please. Thank you very much. Patricia7.

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Hi Patricia you I am new to forums but we have to start somewhere. I was diagnosed with COPD/Emphysema January 2014 and more recently diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension. In answer to your question regarding saturation I found that the pulse oximeter was a very handy tool in monitoring my situation. It helped me recognize what activities lowered my blood oxygen levels and find ways to help. I am on oxygen 24/7 and have been since diagnosed. I spent 2 years in pulmonary rehab and the education I received there is unmeasurable. They advised purchasing a pulse oximeter, which you can purchase on line, at drug stores, etc. They are very reasonably priced. I use mine daily and am able to better inform my pulmomologist as to what's happening to me and when. Take care. Bravo.


Yes, very important to know your saturation rating. I carry mine every where I go.


you can pick up a " pulse oxymeter " at any pharmacy or on line for about 40 bucks. It's a life saver for me as with any exertion my sats can drop as low as 60 something. that's not good. When they start dropping I stop and rest and do purse lip breathing until the level returns to 90. I am on oxygen. Keep track and let your doc know may need meds or oxygen. Good luck. I think it's a wise investment in your health to get one.

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Hi Patricia.

Obviously each to their own needs but I don't carry a monitor. I react to my breathing & rest when my body tells me too, for me, seeing my level go down would just increase my anxiety. Which can be a problem.

Mr W.


Hello patricia. Sorry to hear that. My dad ia in hospital and has been for the last 3 weeks. He has copd and chest infection. I would suggest you get a dehumidafier for your house to help extract all the moisture from the air. Im really worried about my dad. Hes 78


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