Ileostomy and deep depression

I try and fight it but I just feel bad, I hurt all over and no energy! I had total colectomy with and an ileostomy, with Sugarbaker procedure. They also repaired two hernias will pig skin mesh. The procedure lasted about 14 hours they had to remove all of my large intestine it had died and a quarter of my small intestine. I have now been on vitamin D on and off for three months. And my new level is a seven up from a three. Can low vitamin D cause these symptoms. My doctor is kind of throwing his hands in the air.saying he's never heard of this. I think I'll ask my surgeon in my next appointment what crud.....because I was told the worst part is over and now I feel I just get the live it every day. I'm tired of this claim and feeling this way I just want to be happy again, go outside and garden, or go to the beach and sit and watch the ocean and when it's warm snorkel . But the all of her pain all the time and the extreme tiredness I'm just completely exhausted after a couple hours of being up. I'll sleep about 14 hours a day and still feel exhausted I've tried putting water in half and it's worse I'm on antidepressants and they seem to help a little I don't cry as much but I do Feel hopeless! Anyone go thru this?

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  • So sorry to hear what you're going through . Unfortunately it really is totally different for everybody . I did have extreme tiredness but managed to lift myself through this with wonderful support with family and friends and health professionals . I made sure I had sleeps in the afternoon too but tried to have something to do everyday . I had booked myself into a sourdough course before all this happened and that helped me focus on having something to look forward too . I had neuro endocrine tumours but was really lucky as I was able to have that reversed . They have found another tumour but I am confident with the outcome . What support are you getting ? Do you have a SPECIALIST nurse to ring . If you do ,ring her . It's a bit above the knowledge of your Gp. Sounds as if you might not be absorbing all the nutrients due to the extensive surgery ? ask to be referred to the dietitian who should be able to help with that . Also write a food diary and just try and stay awake a little bit longer each day so have a sleep diary as well . You may find when you write it down you're awake longer than you think or possibly asleep longer ?? But it all helps if you have it written down to show doctors and nurses . I only was taken seriously after this as I saw I was poking 17 times a day !!! Keep researching too in the Internet it's quite amazing what's written !! Stay in touch !!

  • I had a emergency hartmans end colostomy in November 2014. I went in for a routine keyhole gall bladder surgery and they cut my small bowel,then I was rushed back to theatre as they had left a bile duct leaking resulting in septicaemia,I went into respiratory failure so was put into an induced coma. When they took me back to theatre for a second washout they cut my large bowel resulting in my head stoma. After two weeks in a coma,ten surgeries and a further three weeks I finally went home. I am same as you have no energy in lots of pain as they couldn't close the wound my stomach muscles retracted so have total loss of domain. I see a psychiatrist and on antidepressants,fee like I am a different person. Just can't move on with my life.

  • Just a thought .. Get your thyroid checked .. Your ops could have put that out of whack !!

  • Well I have some news, my thyroid is not functioning properly. I had a portion removed years ago and I have been on synthroids for years but it was not strong enough. I also found out my b12 is very low and my blood count is an 8 so I am anemic so now at least it can be treated. I am a 4 time cancer survivor and I want to survive this too, I just feel so tired and run down. I slept 15 hours and about 15 minutes yesterday.....crazy!

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