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Blood in stool with abdominal pain near lest rib area

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Im 22 having a discomfort in my left side under the rib area this has been reoccurring now for about 8 months on and off but every time i go to the doctor they said its to do with lack of fiber diet and some say its because im not eating on time Im also seeing blood in my stool everything time i go to the toilet im a bit worried because my doctor got some blood test done and said that my CEA level is high at 6.6 and he said that those level sometimes points to cancer which i dont think it is but anyways he is sending me to do a colonoscopy tomorrow to really see what’s going on in my colon even now writing this post im feel the discomfort i just wanna feel better this is kinda causing worries for me and my family.

Still i know i am gonna overcome this but im just a bit concerned.

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While far from risk free, a colonoscopy is not the end of the world (and, the 'prep' is often more bothersome for patients).

~wbic, member coloncancerconnected forum

In exactly the same boat, just without a CEA test, and with some additional symptoms. Sounds like you got the colonoscopy very quickly, so fingers crossed. Mines next week, you need a few days to bowel prep I believe. Here’s to hoping our results are both positive.

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Yeah it turns out i got to make a appointment with the doctor who’s doing the colonoscopy tomorrow hopefully i will get a date for next week because my personal doctor said it’s needed urgently.And may i ask what are your additional symptoms?

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Depends where you are located I guess but here It took two weeks to see specialist and then it was 4-5 weeks for the procedure, he was just very busy post covid, if you have the capacity to be selective then you may find one who can see you sooner fingers crossed.

Sure. I don’t want to TMI so warnings anyone reading.Blood, mucus, abdo discomfort lower left, more recent small weight loss 4lb or so, on and off heavy fatigue (like nothing I’ve ever felt before), recent bowel movement increase/change.

The last three symptoms have just started the last week or so, the other ones have been ongoing for some time.

Best of luck for us both

21 & currently in the same boat also. I haven’t have a CEA test. They took blood to test by iron etc which was all perfectly normal. If anything in the higher side so. I have a sigmoidoscopy booked for Monday, this all took about 3 weeks as considered urgent. They’re doing the sigmoidoscopy to check for certain conditions such as crohns & colitis. If this is clear then I’ll be having a full colonoscopy, I’ve had similar symptoms to you. Blood & mucus in stool, I’ve lost some weight (not a lot but a little) change in bowel movements. More loose than anything now (tmi) and occasionally abdominal cramps but mine tend to be in the middle around navel area. I also get very bad bloating! X

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Best of luck for us all

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Any updates on you?! I had a sigmoidoscopy today, diagnosed with ulcerative colitis - proctitis and found some polyps which have been removed for biopsy.

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Yeah i got a colonoscopy done today and everything was normal the only thing they see was a hemorrhoid which can be fixed with some high fiber diet.

Hello, so what does your colonoscopy say?? Good news?

Haven’t done it yet hopefully next week

Same here.. for a very long time.. I've been having pain on my left side (right side sometimes too) lower abdomen, already since June 2020. But there have been weeks without feeling anything..

Somewhere July/August my fatigue started, since beginning this year it became worse. Also never felt anything like it ever before. And nobody understands it, it's so frustrating..

Since a couple of weeks the pain on my left has started again and now it seems to be a little higher.. It's like there is something there, I always feel something when I'm sitting down.

Had blood tested beginning this year, was all good. 4 weeks ago I suddenly had blood in my stool, this week and the week before again.

I've been to the doctor I don't know how many times, and not taken seriously.. nerve pain, stress, psychosomatic.. Finally now there is blood I can have a colonoscopy..

I can't believe I've been going through this hell for practically a year now.. I'm 36 years old.

I have my colonoscopy tomorrow.

All the best of luck to everyone 🍀🍀

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melila in reply to melila

Had my colonoscopy today and nothing was found, not even a hemorrhoid, so all good.

Such a relief..

I really hope everyone here has the same result! The prep (I had Pleinvue, but maybe that's Dutch, I live in the Netherlands..) was not so wonderful, but still doable.

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Hidden in reply to melila

What was your symptoms again ?

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melila in reply to Hidden

Did you read my first post? I have a constant awful feeling of fatigue/exhaustion in my body (and went through a few heavy fases for a couple of weeks), pain lower abdomen left side, and my belly gets huge after my dinner, it swells up after everything I eat. I also had a lot of changes in my bowel movement/stools.

One thing I didn't mention is that I also have a bad intestional flora (dysbiosis) and leaky gut (I did a very extensive stool test with the help of a orthomolecular therapist), so that must have something to do with my fatigue. I found it very hard to believe that this could make me feel this bad and when I suddenly had blood in my stool I panicked..

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Novak23 in reply to melila

Do some research about low FODMAP diet, cut on dairy and for a start avoid onion and garlic.

Have you tried pre/pro-biotics?

Also and without worries, i would suggest having a cup of KEFIR every morning for 1 month.

Start keeping a food / toilet diary.

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melila in reply to Novak23

Hi! Thank you for your reply and advise. Yes I know about the FODMAP diet, and havent been eating onions for quite a while now, but a little bit of garlic I still do yes.

But I'm going to first see a dietician because I am underweight.. (always have been while eating enough for what I should weight) I also don't eat gluten and diary (since 2 years, because of skin problems).

I'm also going to start with supplements/treatment advised by my orthomolecular therapist and then after a few months I want to start with waterkefir and kombucha. Hopefully it will start healing my gut and make me feel better..

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Novak23 in reply to melila

You will improve 100%! As for the garlic, you can cheat on it in case you love it. Just dont eat it raw. Solution is Garlic-Oil.

Infuse your oil by slowly cooking WITHOUT boiling together with chopped garlic. Strain EVERY LITTLE PIECE OF SATANIC GARLIC, bottle and label it. Because of garlics nature his satanic substance doesnt dissolve into the oil, so you are left with a low-FODMAP garlic flavored oil. Enjoy!

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melila in reply to Novak23

That sounds really good to me. Thanks!

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Derron256 in reply to melila

Same did mine today and everything was alright the only thing that the doctor say was a hemorrhoid im so grateful that it’s nothing serious.

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melila in reply to Derron256

Wonderful to hear ☀️

I am over three times your age, but I had a haemorrhoid, and, a few years later, sigmoid discomfort and a colonoscopy and polypectomy - no problems.I had discomfort in the sigmoid area for a few days a week or two ago - and have sent off a bowel screen sample.

Am having that same problem from the April I contracted the covide virus then I recovered from that an from ever since I having problems with my stool , I had running belly from the 20 of my until 5 of june then my movement seems normal until yesterday the 15 of june I see I poop out some hard lump like nuts with mucus an a little blood an today I pass more but the mucus was more this time an my belly hurts my doctor give me a letter to do the test but I only getting dates as far as October

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