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Petrified of blood in stool for months


I am absolutely petrified and don’t know what to do. I have been seeing blood on my stool for some time now like 10 months and it was always bright red and it was on and off. But now the blood I see is somewhat mixed with mucas and always on the first part of my stool that comes out. Sorry for the tmi. I was meant to get a sigmoidoscopy but that has been delayed due to Covid.

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Hi first of don't panic it could be something simple like when you are going to the bathroom you are just going very hard that you are tearing some blood vessels in your backside this is normal if you suffer with piles but at the same time you have done the right thing in letting your doctor know about this and getting tests set up if it has been that long I would get back onto your doctor about it explain that this is still happening and due to the covid your test has been delayed and can thay suggest anything for you until you receive your test as your worrying about what the test may come back as.

Hopefully this will help you out with an answer or the a different test being done that could give you some peace of mind .

For the blood at the moment if it is from something like piles try using vasiline there ( it feels horrible but it is a great help as it helps better stop any ripping that may happen and will help reduce any bleeding from tearing ) also try and remove any foods in your diet at the moment that causes this problem for you once this is done maybe you can stop this from happening but if not inform your doctor of everything you've done as this can help them out aswell.

Good luck hope you feel better soon

That’s the thing I don’t need to struggle to poop, but still I see this deep red mucas blood. It’s not a lot but on parts of the stool. What worries me is I know how blood from hemorrhoids look like it’s always bright red and I’ve had that before this colour is very different. I also have health anxiety which makes this like a 100 times worse. Thank you for replying back to me.

No problem but if you are still worried then get back intouch with your doctor even if all thay can do because of the current situation is talk to you and try to give you some peace of mind it's better than going crazy maybe thay can update you on when you can get your test done now everything is getting back to normal forgive the pun but let them know that all you want to do is nip this in the butt and get peace of mind that it's nothing to worry about and what action can you do in the meantime to help with this.

Good luck and I hope you feel better soon

I’m expecting someone from the colectral department to give me a call on the 3rd let’s see what they say.

Had no one had dark blood stained mucas? Worried beyond belief.

Hi Jazzy. I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis 4 weeks ago.i too started with mucus on the first part of stool.. abd small amounts of blood .then since covid my blood and mucus got more . Then the 2weeks leading up to being rushed to hospital. I was having blood , mucus . Pain and constant diarrhoea.. I was going to toilet 10 times a day. Look into it ..

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Hi Nina I go to the loo once everyday and there is no urgency like there would be for colitis which slightly worries me cause I don’t understand the reason for the blood stained mucas.


Hello Jazzy1990, I'm sorry to hear that the sigmoidoscopy has been delayed due to COVID-19. I know it is hard, but do your best to stay calm. Continue to keep track of how often you are having blood in your stool as well as the details regarding the color and mucus. This will be helpful information when you do see the doctor. I hope that the call on the 3rd will be that they'll give you an appointment. Please express to the Dr. about your health anxiety and be persistent. Please keep us updated. Hang in there,


Hey, I’ll be doing a stool sample as I’m expecting right now and they want to be sure before they do a camera. I’m so scared.

The same happened to me , I thought it was piles but the blood changed to a dark color you can’t empty your bowels property . I had to go to toilet 6 or 7 times A day it might be something minor but I would get a colonoscopy ASAP . I had one done and it showed I had cancer,I had stage 1 they gave me an operation to remove part of my bowel I didn’t need chemo and now I’m fine, so even if it is cancer it is the easiest cancer to cure. Good luck

Doctor wants to do a stool sample first as I’m pregnant. Such worrying times :( I’m still going to the loo once a day like usual it’s just this little blood I see that is freaking me out.

I wouldn’t worry too much, that can be a lot of different things,and plus your quite young to have colon cancer

Still worried stiff! The dark red bit of mucas I see may be a little more darker due to stool mixing intoit. Regardless I’m beside myself. Did you use to see a lot of dark blood ? Was you stool ever red? Or was the blood only mixed into the stool?

How are you doing Jazzy? Did you get some answers?

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Still waiting on my stool test results which I know will be positive as I saw visible blood.


Hi Jazzy1990 any news yet? Did you do the stool test yet? Keep us posted we are thinking of you.

Hey I’ve done the stool test. Waiting for results, but I know 100 percent that will be positive as I saw visible blood. I’m so scared.

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