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Painless rectal bleeding for 3 weeks

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Hi all

I have had painless rectal bleeding (red blood, when wiping and on outside of poo. Smallish amounts) now for about 3-4 weeks every time I have a bowel movement. Normally bits of mucus too. I’m 28. No family history of any bowel disease/cancer.

Saw my GP a couple of weeks ago, she felt no lumps and no signs of anything worrying. Digital rectal exam showed nothing - but blood on finger. She said suspected hemorrhoid or fissure.

I had blood tests done and faecal calprotectin which both came back normal which is good.

I will have to call the rectal bleed referral service tomorrow to ask about booking a sigmoidoscopy, as I was told to call them if not heard back by 8 Feb.

Despite the lack of other worrying symptoms, I’m worried as the bleeding is happening every time and shows no signs of stopping.

Can calprotectin levels be normal despite a serious problem?


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Have today been given an appointment next Wednesday with a specialist. Another rectal exam and a camera up there but not sigmoidoscopy (maybe anoscopy?). Given my low risk status, I had to go to a hospital a bit further away to get an appointment so soon, as my local one had no timeframe so could’ve been months!

Would still be interested to hear if anyone else has gone through similar.

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Hi Kna1992 ,Thank you for posting.. as well as posting an update!

I'm so glad to hear that you have an appointment next Wednesday. Sounds like they need to get a better look, and I'm glad you don't have to wait a long time for the appointment (even if that means driving further away).

This site doesn't offer medical advice, rather we share our experiences.

There are many reasons for blood in the stool, some are very treatable with medication, diet change, and minor procedures, and of course, there are more serious reasons for blood in the stool as well, which is why we always recommend getting evaluated by a doctor, as you are doing.

In case your bleeding has stopped prior to your appointment - just a tip:

We've heard from individuals who have rectal bleeding, that if they get a physical exam from the doctor while not actively bleeding (within the last day or so), that sometimes the doctors have had a hard time identifying where the blood was coming from. We have heard that doctors tell patients "if you were bleeding today I would be able to see where it is coming from." If this is the case, I would recommend discussing with the doctor a plan for when you are actively bleeding - is it possible to have a note in your file and that they squeeze you in when you are next actively bleeding.

I would recommend that you DO keep the appointment, even if the bleeding stops.

I know how much anxiety bleeding can cause and the wait for the appointment can be so difficult. Do your best to distract yourself, and know that you are doing everything you "should" be doing as far as getting examined by a specialist.

Please keep us posted, we're here for you!

~Nicole, GCCA Staff Member & Colon Cancer Connected Site Administrator. Just a reminder - this group is here to offer support, share experiences, and offer our thoughts - but this is not medical advice, and you should always consult your medical professional(s). Additionally, for all emergencies, seek urgent medical care, never delay.

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Kna1992 in reply to Nicole_GCCA

Thanks Nicole that’s good advice about the bleeding and what to do if it stops. I did decide to get this looked at as much as I possibly can even if it does stop bleeding.

Would feel great to be diagnosed with something non-serious next Wednesday- could be a turning point hopefully.

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Kna1992 in reply to Kna1992

Just wanted to give an update to my situation.

Had an appointment today at a private hospital which I was referred to due to a shorter waiting time, albeit further away from home.

Doctor said it was probably piles but would do a rectal exam and then book me in for a flexible sigmoidoscopy regardless of findings.

Done the rectal exam and confirmed it was piles straight away, so great news there! 😀

I have my flexible sigmoidoscopy booked in for a few weeks from now. Asked him why this was still needed due to them finding the piles and he said it was just protocol to ensure nothing else is causing the bleeding. I sort of get the impression that they have more capacity to do this because it’s a private hospital and have more resource, whereas NHS hospital may have been happy to leave it at that without sigmoidoscopy based on finding piles.

Not really looking forward to the sigmoidoscopy but may as well take advantage of how thorough a private hospital’s treatment is while I’m under their care.

Will give another update after I have that, but for now I feel very reassured and relieved.

Thanks again Nicole for taking the time to respond👍

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Kna1992 in reply to Kna1992

Another update. Had my colonoscopy yesterday. All fine. No cancer, no polyps, just 3 hemorrhoids. Still seeing blood with bowel movements but now that I know what it is I can relax. Will hopefully go away on their own but if not I have the option to have them banded.

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