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Narrower bowel movements

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For the last two weeks I’ve been having narrower bowel movements and it’s scary read where it could be cancer don’t know I am scared out my wits I’m 52 and it made me think about Chadwick Bozeman he was a young man that died from this disease have anybody been through this

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Hello Red8500,

Thanks for posting and sorry to read about your anxiety.

Have you ever been screened for colorectal cancer? You are of the age to be screened.

Can you make an appointment with a specialist or a primary care doctor? Depending on where you live/insurance, you might need to first see a primary care doctor who will either issue a FIT or a stool DNA test, or, may refer you to a GI doctor.

Try not to let the anxiety get to you too much, but DO take motivation from your anxiety to get an appointmet with your doctor.

Hang in there and please keep us updated,

~Nicole @ GCCA

I don’t want to frighten you but I am also 52 and 2 years ago I had the same symptoms which turned out to be bowel cancer, do you have a problem emptying you bowels fully or do you have to go several times a day. And also do you have a history of bowel cancer in your family, I did have a history so they gave me a colonoscopy straight away and I found out I had stage 1 . So I was lucky they caught it early. I had an operation to remove the cancer and didn’t need chemo, I would suggest you have a colonoscopy ASAP if it’s caught early you have a better chance of survival.but it might also be something else

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Nicole_GCCAAdministrator in reply to Wexford1968


We appreciate you sharing your story and being active on this site.

I'm sorry that read that you did indeed have cancer - but glad to hear that your cancer was detected at stage I.

Since you've been diagnosed, have any of your family members gotten screened because of the family history of bowel cancer?

Thank you again for sharing.

~Nicole @ GCCA

This is my first reply on this board, but I was going through the same exact thing several months ago (about 1 month before my 50th birthday). Went to my GP who referred me to a gastroenterologist for the colonoscopy. Turns out everything was perfectly fine - get the colonoscopy and put your mind at ease. Good luck!!!

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Nicole_GCCAAdministrator in reply to Ask1970

Hi Ask1970,

Thanks for sharing and glad to hear your colonoscopy was clear!

Are you still experiencing symptoms? Did they give you a diagnosis or any type of GI disease?

Thanks again for sharing,

~Nicole @ GCCA

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Ask1970 in reply to Nicole_GCCA

Hi, Nicole!

After the clean colonoscopy, my doctor ordered an endoscopy. The biopsies revealed Gastritis and H. Pylori. I am in the middle of the antibiotic regimen now.

My stools were never pencil thin, but what I thought was a little narrower than usual. They have since returned to normal...hope this helps!

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Nicole_GCCAAdministrator in reply to Ask1970

Hi Ask1970,

Glad to hear you are getting treatment. We've had a few people post about h. pylori here and I looked into it and was surprised how common it is.

Glad you are on the mend!

~Nicole @ GCCA

I had various issues last year, eventually diagnosed with Endometriosis and had lap in Feb. Late Diagnosis at 51. Bowel issues continued, had a CT colonoscopy to check for cancer, which was clear. I still have issues which are more likely due to the endo, but having other investigations. Try not to worry but do get a referral. This should happen quickly. If your GP has an online consult form on their website, use this, you can write info and can get a much better and quicker response.

Hello I had the same thing for months narrow stools had a colonoscopy 3 weeks ago no cancer found doctor says ibs don't be worrying go get colonoscopy done

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Nicole_GCCAAdministrator in reply to Winner12

Hi Winner12,

Congratulations on a clear colonoscopy!

There is an IBS support group on HealthUnlocked that you might find useful:

Thanks for sharing, we appreciate our members comments and posts!

~Nicole @ GCCA

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