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Bowel Cancer Worries

I am 39 and new to this forum. I have had stomach ache now for 5 months-it comes and it goes but mainly it is present.

I have either loose or hard bowel movements.

I have had a Ct scan but not a colonoscopy.

I am worried I have Cancer and it is being missed because of this near constant pain.

Would a Scan have shown up any problems?

Can polyps cause pain? if they were large enough to be a problem surely these would show up on the scan?

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I believe that there would be some loss pf blood, but main thing is ithat you keep searching for the diagnosis thats causing pain.

Different scans pick up different results so a colonoscopy would be best , in my opinion.

Im not medical but my Mum and myself had bowel cancer

Good luck


I was told in October I had bowel cancer and had the operation in November. I was lucky it was stage 2 and I didn't need chemo. I go evey 3 months for 3 years to be checked. I had pain in my stomach for almost a year before I could get into a specialist. The scan did not show anything. They found it when I had a colonoscopy.

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See this is what I am most worried about.Docs keep saying I do not need a Colonoscopy.

Did you have other symptoms apart from the pain?Doc also told me that it was risky to have a Colonoscopy so now as me worried about that!

Would a Virtual Colonoscopy be any good?

Thank you for your reply.


I had pain and constipation a lot. The cancer was blocking so I had a hard time to go, The stools were black and tarry. They took a piece of the bowel out , it was cancer and they connected the pieces. The Doctor was surprised also when he did the colonoscopy that it was cancer. They thought it was diverticulitis or irritable bowel. My daughter had to have a colonoscopy as she was at high risk because I had cancer and she is 50. Thankfully hers was alright. They did another one on me last Month and took a polop off and it was fine.My scan did not show anything so a colonoscopy might help you find some answers.


Hello, I am a stage 4 cancer fighters who had 5+ C.T. scans, a colonoscopy and a colongraphy. My colon cancer did not, I repeat, DID NOT show up on any tests. It was found when I had emergency surgery for a twisted ovary. After it was found, a reexamination of my CT scans showed a thickening of my sigmoid colon which was sad to be fatty tissue. My pain was also intermittent. The only consistent symptom I had was a very noisy stomach. It was so loud my students would think I was hungry, even if I had just eaten 10 minutes prior to class and I was stuffed. If you think something is wrong then keep demanding tests. I knew something was wrong and I kept going to doctor after doctor to find out what was wrong. My case is extreme I am sure, but don't settle until you feel better.

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I do do hope that you are getting the correct help now .

I visited my Surgery and saw ten

GPs before I took myself to A&E and it took 4 weeks before they found my Colon cancer.

I echo your statement, keep



Hi Charlie Bear! Sorry to hear your going through that. When I was having pain in my side a visit to my PCP led to a trip to my Gyno, which led me to a Gastro Dr. He ordered a CT of my pelvis which showed a thickening of my colon wall. Because of the thickening, it led to a colpnoscopy which found the CRC. Have you visited a gastro? They can order a fecal occult blood test which can locate even the smallest mount of blood! I was 37 at DX so if you don't feel like your worries are being taken seriously then visit as many Doctors as possible until you get the answer s you need. I am praying all turns out well


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