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I Am 19 years old and worried about colon cancer

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I will be 20 this month and have herd that there has been a rise in colon cancer in young adults, I have been having problems with my poop even though I go every day since April, my poop has been everything from small pebbles to thin and also regular poops, I have had multiple colors as well from green and sometimes small red things in the pooped which I have examined and they don't look like blood but rather food skin aka apples and peppers and other things. Its been 5 months now and last poop was thin and I am worried, I have been to the doctor and I am on Metamucil but it does not seem to be working. Blood test have been done and I am not anemic and I still have not had any other symptoms of colon cancer

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So sorry to here about this mine is the like the same constantly different pops and texture have u been to the docs? Have they examined you I went and they examined me and could

Not feel anything put I still worried

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Hello Keeganbogeegan, Thank you for posting and I'm sorry to hear about the issues that you've been experiencing. You are right that there is an increase in colorectal cancer in young adults, and for that reason, you are never "too young" to get screened for colorectal cancer if you are having symptoms or if you have a family history of the disease. Have you seen a general practitioner or have you seen a specialist? I recommend that you mae an appointment with a gastroenterologist. In advance of your appointment, it is a good idea to keep track of what you are eating and what your bowel movements are like. This will help your doctor understand what is going on, and determine what the next steps would be to establish what is going on. Please keep us updated.

I have been to a general practitioner, I have not have blood in my poop yet and I don't know about my family history for anything because I am adopted. My thought is that I do not have it because I would be bleeding which I am not and have the other symptoms aka weight loss and nausea which I do not have, I tend to worry about all health problems not just this and most of the time make a big deal out of nothing, also I have been dealing with these issues for half and year and I have had blood test done and Dr. felt abdominal area.

Im sorry to hear that ill be praying all goes well drink alot of water. Dont forget to pray about God helps also.

And eat dates theh help w pooping also n probiotics it helped me.

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Hi Keeganbogeegan, Please continue to work with your doctors, or see a specialist if your bowel habits remain abnormal. Blood in your stool is sometimes a symptom of colorectal cancer, but not always. Do not wait for there to be blood in your stool before you see a specialist. If you are concerned that something is going on in your body, please advocate to get it checked out. Please keep us posted.

Definitely go to the doctors. You are never too young. My dad was 43. I've already had precancerous polyps removed and will get checked every year. Stay safe.

Hello, now my bowel moments are normal, I have been to the doctors and they have said everything is fine I have had blood test and even a breath test which I have seen can show something that indicates cancer but everything came back fine, My doctors have diagnosed me with anxiety so that could of also played a part in it, and I believe I have fibromyalgia and could have been a flare up of irritable bowel

You just have IBS, it is true colon cancer is on the rise for young people but the average risk is still tiny (4%), unless you have family history I wouldn't worry about that at all.

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Thanks for keeping us posted. If you notice any change in bowel habits, be sure to get checked out. Also a good idea to request a copy of your reports/blood work, etc. so that you can educate yourself on what tests have been performed and take an active role in your health care. Thanks for posting!

I am also worried about mine. Do you have difficulties having sleep as well? It’s happening to me for the past few days.

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