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I’m worried I have colon cancer

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Hey guys, I’m 21 and I’ve noticed I’ve had narrow stools the last couple weeks with constipation, I’m pretty healthy not over weight I exercise regularly and eat decently well. I’m worried about colon cancer because my stools were never narrow before, and I’m also constipated. There’s no blood or any other symptoms that I’ve noticed.

I went to my doctor and he found a Hemorrhoid, and he said he’s not worried about cancer as I’m too young but narrow stools and constipation have been stressing me out. Anyone help? Or any comments or suggestions? Thank you

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Same here homie. I'm 18 years old and I'm having the same issue. No blood, just constipation, and diarrhea and narrow stools.

so my doctor gave me laxatives to help, it could just be your diet. My stools have gotten back to normal size for the most part. How long has this been going on for?

I've noticed this before a year ago but it began to get back to normal for some reason. Lately I've cut my diet because Im stuckninside cause of COVID-19. My issue recently came back. Honestly I'm a very anxious person. Again no blood just either narrow, constipated or diarrhea.

To be honest I wouldn’t be to worried, your super young and the internet will stress you out if you keep searching stuff up. I’d go see your doctor and let him know your issues it could just be your diet, not enough fibre or what not.

Does your family have a history of it?

I dont think so. I know a family member had cancer but I dont know what kind.

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hey, so you can have narrow stools because of hemorrhoids?

All of a sudden i thought i hadhemorroids (for past 2 months), im someone thats easily stressed that would go poop like 8 times per day, yet instantly i only went once per day. Some stomach cramp/inflammation. big time hemorroids (if it is that), narrow stool. etc.. and SUPER foul smell (nothing to do with poop smell. like an industrial chemical smell or something).

Did you have those same symptoms? amd the foul smell?


it really looks bad (not just 1 or 2 symptoms)

Hi james. Can I ask . Was it an internal heamorroid they found

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James12312 in reply to Nina1983

it was external

I’ve been having narrow stools as well .. and constipation .. I’ve been to the dr they’ve ran 3 ct scans and 4 stool test and everything is normal.. but I do get sharp pain around my abdominal and my lower back as well .. and my stomach growls so much.. never seen blood in my stool .. but still afraid it’s colon cancer ..

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Mengzz08 in reply to Sanic_

How was it?? is it back to normal? im just having this one recently

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Sanic_ in reply to Mengzz08

Hi yes it’s back to normal now.

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