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33 year old female diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer



I’m a single mother of 3 from Chicago Illinois. I’ve been pretty healthy all my life.. no allergies or diseases. I’m 5’5 - 115lbs (lost 5-10lbs since summer 2019 due to cancer). So this is my the beginning of my journey. I was experiencing rectum pain during summer of 2019. I went to my primary doctor and she said it was hemorrhoids. She provided a referral to a surgeon who was going to remove them since I was uncomfortable and basically just wanted to get rid of them. I had a hemorroidectomy on 10/15/19 which left me in unbearable pain. The pain was 10000x worse then it was prior to the procedure. I was in tears everyday because of the pain. I followed up with the surgeon 4x between October and December begging for an answer as to why I’m not healing and in so much pain. She literally had no idea why I wasn’t recovering and then referred me to a colorectal surgeon who could help figure this out. I saw him on 12/23/19 and he figured that I had an anal fissure and that is what was causing the unbearable pain. He gave two weeks to try a compound ointment and follow up. The ointment did absolutely nothing. We decided that anal Botox injections would be the next step. That surgery was performed on 1/30/20 - the day that changed my life forever. He found a golf ball size mass and sent out a biopsy. Waiting from 1/30 - 2/4 for the results was the longest wait of my life. On 2/4 he informed me that it is indeed cancer and we scheduled a MRI & CT to learn more about it. After receiving the results we found out that that it has spread to my liver and lungs. I’m terrified. I’m starting Folfox chemo treatments soon and would love any advice, support, input - anything. Thank you guys so much.

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Hello Megan so sorry to hear your news all I can say is to keep

Positive and keep believing that you can beat this horrible disease I am going through the same I am remaining positive and hopeful for the future.

So good luck and take care.


So sorry to hear about your diagnosis, Megan. Like you, my husband was told he had haemorrhoids, only to subsequently find out that he had stage 4 cancer with mets in liver & lungs. It makes me angry that so many doctors are missing the signs. Patients are exhorted time and again to go to the doctor if they experience any symptoms of bowel disturbance but it's the doctors who need educating in this matter.

A year on, hubby has had chemo and his tumours are said to be 'stable.' It's not an instant death sentence as it would once have been, so stay hopeful and positive. New treatments are coming along all the time and are very effective.

I wish you all the best.

what was the symptoms your husband had???

what was the symptoms your husband had???

He had traces of blood on toilet paper after going to the loo and reported that his stools were 'thin' in size. Sometimes he had to go to the loo frequently and often felt that he hadn't properly emptied his bowels.

what was the color of his bloods in poop??? does he had blood clots??

No clots, just bright red traces of blood.

colon cancer symptoms can be really tricky :((( i hope your husband will beat the cancer, be strong and be positive!!!

my mom has been suffering with bleeding in her poo over a year but in her case it's blood clots with bright red, she has external hemorrhoids (grade 3) but the doctor referred her to have colonoscopy but she didn't do it right away and on th we will have a schedule for colonoscopy I'm really scared, i really hope it's just the hemorroids.

anyway did your husband had other symptoms aside from blood in his poo?

I've already detailed his symptoms.

It’s a scary, bewildering time at the moment as you must feel quite shell shocked.

Folfox5 was ok for me in the beginning. It has cumulative effects so the more often you have it, the worse the “recovery” from 1 session to the next. My cycle was every 2 weeks.

Being based in the UK, I found these websites and people useful to follow as I felt a bit overwhelmed with being young (In 30’s) and a mum with cancer.

Website for all things bowel cancer: bowelcanceruk.org.uk/

Podcast for Cancer:


— I also follow @BowelBabe on Facebook/Instagram for inspiration. She’s stage 4 and just moved into stable! Worth a look

As for general tips, I’ll limit to a few:

- Ask for help. People will feel awkward and not know what to do/ say. Small things like cooking a meal for the family or doing your washing/ cleaning will be brilliant or taking the kids out for a weekend morning so you can sleep or attempt to do housework yourself.

- Steroids! You will feel incredible with the steroids given during chemo. Try to harness this to batch cook meals and have fun with your kids these days. I usually had a crash 4-6 days from the start of chemo (ie: Tuesday start, crashing Friday to Sunday). Depending on how you need to work, balance the kids, etc. keep this in mind.

- Get a port-a-cath inserted. This is so the chemo doesn’t go straight into your viens. It’s a small port where the Chemo enters (usually in your chest). Can be slightly painful to install but works wonders in the long term.

- Make a will. So grim to think about but if you have it and it spells out your wishes for your family if anything happens, everyone will have a clear idea for the future.

Hope that is useful... let me know if you need anything else.

Stay strong 💪🏽


So sorry to hear this, I wish you the best and think positive!!!!

Hi.. O no. Im praying for u . u look like a real nice person. Im really praying u get 100% better. Im praying i don't have it . i have red lines in my stool. Not all time. But im really scared. I know u r too. I will put u on our pray list at church. U hang in there girl . . .

What were all of your symptoms from the beginning to the end of diagnosis

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