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could this be colon cancer?

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Hello all,

first time to this group and new here. thank you all for your support here. So here is my story with a couple of pictures. About 21 years ago when I was 23 years old I had blood in my stool that was bright red that was there daily and went away i would say after 2-3 months where I would poop at least 2-3 times a day with blood I didn't think anything of it or go to the doctor. it resolved on its own.

Fast forwarding 21 years, I noticed in the last 3-4 days that my stool consistency has been mushy / soft and with bright red blood. Ofcourse I am now 44 years old and wondering if this could be a sign of colon cancer? I know it could also be hemmoridal or anal fissures, however I am not experiencing any pain or itching in my anus. I am going to make an appointment with my gastroentorologist and i am sure he will order a colonoscopy. Appreciate any thoughts.

I have added a picture of my poop from yesterday morning (left) and this morning (right). It seems to me the bleeding is less on the right but would appreciate any thoughts.

i do apologize for the graphic pictures in nature.

thank you.

11 Replies
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Hi hashu1,

Thank you for posting in Colon Cancer Connected. You are correct to be concerned about your symptoms. The key here is gain more information and I am proud of you for taking the steps you are taking to get answers. You are all over this.👍

I know people jump to the worse case scenario of it being cancer, but I would focus efforts and energy on exactly what you are doing. Your Gastroenterologist is the best way to determine the origin of the blood. You don't have any pain and that's good. Is there any family history involved?

There are many causes for blood in the stool, some are very treatable with medication, diet change, and minor procedures, and of course, there are more serious reasons for blood in the stool as well. For that reason, we always advise patients to seek medical care when they have blood in the stool. You are doing this.

Hashu1, we wish you the very best with the results.👍 Please keep us informed. We are very interested in your results. Your information can help others. Also, let us know if you have any problems getting your appointment.

~Tom, GCCA Survivor - Colon Cancer Connected Site Administrator.

Just a reminder - this group is here to offer support, share experiences, and offer our thoughts - but this is not medical advice, and you should always consult your medical professional(s). Additionally, for all emergencies, seek urgent medical care, never delay.

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hashu1 in reply to GCCA-Survivor

Thank you for the response. I do have my colonoscopy this Friday. I went to the GI yesterday afternoon and they did tell me that I could wait a couple of weeks and see if it resolves or just get the. Colonoscopy out of the way and done.

At the doctor there was a resident student in training and he took my details first then the doctor came in and asked him the details he concluded with words of colitis, diverticulitis…so I hope that’s what it is and not the worst.

Yes there is no abdominal pain, and there is no family history involved. My father had his colonoscopy 2 years ago with no issues.

Thank you for the words of reassurance. I will keep you all posted!

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I don’t think it’s cancer but colonoscopy will check for this. Likely hemeroids might be an internal one where there’s no nerves for pain. In the mean time have metamucil and tons of water to help your stool. The colonoscopy only thing hard is the prep, so research a lot of tips on the prep because u can only have liquids for 24h

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GCCA-SurvivorAdministrator in reply to Zoinking

Hi Zoinking,

Good point,

Tip: One thing I do with the prep period is move everything up an hour. Especially the day of the procedure and you have to take a 2nd dose. This way you won't feel the need to use the bathroom before you get to the place for the procedure. My clinical trial research hospital was 65 miles away. Many times times I'd have an hour drive, so I'd scope out a restroom to stop at on the way. My colonoscopies now are 15 minutes away once a year. Much better.

Tip: I usually get the lemon tasting prep and that can be a little harsh. I would add lemon/lime Gatorade to it to mellow out the taste. Nothing dark or red!!!! And if you feel it's a little "thick" tasting, add more water.

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Zoinking in reply to GCCA-Survivor

Great tips thank you. Have you ever done a colonoscopy while being awake or always sedated? When I did mine it was my first time getting sedated and I liked it.

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GCCA-SurvivorAdministrator in reply to Zoinking

I like the sedation too. My very first one right before they took a large mass out, I tried no sedation ... for about 5 seconds😂. Nurse said ... "ok, good night" and the next thing I was in recovery. But I hear some people do no sedation and are quite ok with that. I would like to watch the camera during the procedure just one time.

I've gotten used to getting colonoscopies and endoscopies ... I really look forward to the sleep. It's such a great feeling. I asked, but they never let me take any Propofol home with me?

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hashu1 in reply to Zoinking

Thank you Zoinking - appreciate the kind words of encouragement and the hope that its not cancer.

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Hello all - Wanted to post an update after my colonoscopy which I had on Friday 2/25. I must say the prep was horrible, but the colonoscopy itself was a walk in the park. I opted for light sedtion and i felt like i was awake through out the procedure as I distinctly remember see the monitor and the inside of my colon but the doctor did say I fell asleep for a few mins...It did not hurt at all even with light sedation as it was enough to take the edge off.

With that in mind now to my colonoscopy update. I did get the report after the procedure with pictures. Its such a great feeling to know that there were not polyps, masses, strictures or arteriovenous malformations seen - these are the words written in the report.

What they did find was a 0-15cm area of inflammation / ulceration and internal hemorrhoids. This inflammation / ulceration is by my rectum area and the doctor marked it as colitis. They did take biopsies and will know more on the extent of the colitis in a few days and then begin the treatment. This seems to be the cause for my the blood in stool (inflamation / ulceration & Internal hemorrhoids).

Here to now beginning the treatment, more fiber in diet, more liquids, less sugar and more healthy meals!

I am truly grateful for the outcomes for it not being anything cancerous as I percieved it to be given that I can get pretty anxious. One thing I will say is "Dr. Google" should be used very lightly and not everything you read on the internet that others may have is doom and gloom for you. Be safe, be healthy and remembers health is wealth! Happy to answer any questions should anyone have any.

Thank you all for your tremendous support!

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EllieJLawrence in reply to hashu1

Great news I am so pleased for you I have my colonoscopy tomorrow morning and feeling quite anxious May I ask what your FIT score was?

Thank you

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hashu1 in reply to EllieJLawrence

My doctor did not do a FIT test, he went directly to the colonoscopy which is the gold standard. there was obvious blood in my stool so his position was to might as well just get the colonoscopy done.

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EllieJLawrence in reply to hashu1

Thank you for letting me know I scored 15 on my FIT test hence the colonoscopy referral.

I appreciate you coming back to me thank you and the best of luck👍

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