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Any one else ? *graphic photo *


Still in pain. It’s been 3 months now .. I had So many test done yet everything seems normal ... I had 3 ct scans (due going to the hospital a lot) but was clear, blood work (fatty liver) endoscopy (they found GERD, gastritis, and a hernia) colonoscopy which was clear, had a Gastro emptying test (still waiting on results) and an mri (still waiting on results) I get pain all over my abdominal (my right ribs, left ribs, my lower back, my lower left and right abdominal. Yesterday I freaked out because I had really bad pain in my left lower back took a pain killer and took a epsom salt bath and it went away. They also found hemorrhoids which my anus/rectum hurt at times but it scares me. What can it be ? I have really bad anxiety and when I get Pain i started to freak out and think I have The worse. I tell myself they missed something it misdiagnosed me. I did lost a lot of weight due to changing my diet around but gaining my weight little by little. They also did remove my gallbladder when the stomach problems started but yet the pain remained. Idk what it is anymore.

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Im guessing IBS? it doesn't show up on any tests does it, and you had the normal tests to rule out anything serious

They haven’t told me about ibs. And I have really bad anxiety and I get A pain and overthink it :(

I’d join the IBS support network on this website and use that instead of the cancer one as you’ve had that ruled out via colonoscopy

IBS doesn’t show up on any tests so usually diagnosing it is a process of eliminating other possibilities first and then if nothing is found they use IBS and it doesn’t show anything up on tests. It sounds like that and if you google IBS symptoms I bet a lot apply to you. Especially the mucus in stool which looks like that picture you’ve sent?

I have write in ibs the same thing but never got a response.

oh I get more responses in that one than I do in this one haha


I'm sorry to hear about your pain and discomfort. It sounds like there are still some test results you are waiting on, but if you feel there is something going on with your body still, perhaps seeking out a specialist for a second opinion would be useful to get some answers. I hope you get some answers and relief, soon.

Hi thank you responding, i already did get a 2nd opinion from a 2nd specialist. He’s the one who diagnose me with gerd, gastritis and a hernia. I’m not in pain everyday as much anymore but here days where I get the pain one day and will get it for a week and I’ll be fine for a few days.


I don’t want to assume you’re female, if you are, do you have problem periods? Gynaecology issues can include bowel problems.

hi, and yes I am female and I do Have period problems it started when this stomach problems started. I have heavy periods And I never Had this till the stomach problems started.

It might be worth speaking to your GP from that angle, hormones can play a part in anxiety as well.

Have a look at the Endometriosis UK site, they also have a forum here. There are numerous gynae problems, not just this one. Quite often IBS is a diagnosis long before gynae is considered.

It might not be, but worth considering.

Hope you get sorted soon, take care 🙂

What’s a gp ? Sorry I don’t know .. and well i really hope it’s ibs.. I have Bad anxiety and when I start Pain anywhere i think there worse :(

GP (General Practitioner) is your local doctor. Don’t worry, or apologise, not everyone knows the term, I should have said Doctor.

It could be just IBS, when you’re in pain that’s normally coming from somewhere.

My view of when people are told they have anxiety is to check things out. Pain is rarely in your head, not saying it can’t be.

Last year I was back and forth, getting nowhere and a couple of times offered antidepressants. In December I went private and diagnosed with the endometriosis. Having one of the pill types helped with balancing hormones and in turn tension.

Unfortunately after an operation and treatment still getting pain, not eating, losing weight, so now looking at colon.

If you do speak to your doctor let me know how you get on.

Oh ok i see thank you. Yes they’ve ran test one me. Colonoscopy, endoscopy, ct scans, mri, hida scan, gastritis stomach emptying, blood work and still nothing. Still in pain. They said it’s my anxiety but I mean Idk .. I hope so honestly. All the test are normal now I’m waiting on the mri results. I’ve seen many drs as well. I jist Made a appointment with a obygn let’s see what happens there.

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