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**GRAPHIC PHOTO** colon cancer?


Hi! So I’ve been dealing with stomach/digestive issues for about 3 years. Recently, I’ve been having bad stomach pains with acid reflux and I’ve been trying to poop. I’ve tried prune juice, laxative, suppositories and barely anything is coming out. This is what’s coming out and I’ve been having a lot of mucus. I’m scared I could have colon cancer (I’m 22) and having really bad anxiety. Plz help 😭

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mught need to drink more water THEY say bulky stool is great stool

If want to help them pass try drinking more water daily HELP things move along

Not sure about excersise BUT guess always helps

That’s a lot of poo! But I wouldn’t be too worried. Maybe just speak to your GP. When I had colon cancer I couldn’t poo at all and this went on for 7-8 weeks! I’d polyps as well as a perforated vowel and nothing could pass. Resulting in me vomiting my poo. Not pleasant at all! I had acid reflux due to this. You could simply just suffer from bad constipation and this is a result of the picture. But go see your GP, that’s what they are there for and nothing to be ashamed about.

Go to your doctor, a simple blood test suggested problems for me and the colonoscopy she requested actually found it. It'll put your mind at rest.

That look a 'healthy' stool though and you are very young I wouldn't be too worried by what you read on the internet. The expert (doctors) advice will put your mind at rest.

I used to poop every morning after my coffees and that was it for the day. Then for 2 or 3 months I was going 5 times in the morning and the stools were pencil thin. It made sense that there might be a blockage so I googled and sure enough colon cancer was on the list. Plus my dad and his brother both had it in their 80's. I was 68. I got an emergency colonoscopy and had a large tumor type 3c. I have no expertise, only my own story but I would say get a colonoscopy ASAP. I would thik thta you would be very young for colon cancer so it must be very likely that you have another problem. Perhaps soething that's not serious.

Good luck

Hi I had same went every morning now don't go for three days when I f2f o I'm constipated

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