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Pooping blood and blood clots, no pain. Help!


Hello. This is my first time posting. I have been trying to find someone who has had symptoms like his but having a hard time finding anything. Last year he had a couple of times of pooping clear odorless mucus looking substance, it was a lot , like filled up a pee-cup with no problem at the ER for them to check it. They of course said it tested fine and sent home. About a month or so ago he started having blood in his poop, we thought hemmeroids... last week he started just pooping blood with blood clots, he goes to poop has gas and toilet is full of blood and blood clots. The blood is red, he doesn’t have pain. He has been tired and bloated some. He had a real poop today that had a clot and blood on the poop. Dr internally checked his butt today, no blood and no hemmeroids or mass felt and go to digestive disease clinic Monday. Has anyone had this?

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30 yo female here.

I'm actually going through this. This started 2 weeks ago. Had loads of tests and nothing has come up other than a 10.1 white count. Normal is 10 so it's not that unusual. Been passing blood,clots and the stools have been normal/soft with no pain. My stools these last few days began to float and that's never been a thing. I don't eat a high fat diet either so idk.

This week I've started having horrible right hip pain and insane bloating of the abdomen to the point I again feel like I'm 9 months prego. I've had dizziness and fatigue hit me like a freight train since last week and ended up passing out and being rushed to the Hospital.

I've seen 4 different doctors and they have come up with nothing. I've been referred to a Gastrointestinal specialist that I have to wait until the end of the month to even talk to. I'm so dizzy and nauseated I'm too scared to drive. I've been put off work and I have a family to provide for. I've had a total of 18 needles because of blood work and IVs in a 5 day span. When doing a vascular contrast CT they found "unrelated" Pelvic Congestion Syndrome and now I need surgery to correct that.

I live in Nova Scotia and have had issues with doctors not caring enough about what's going on my whole life. Having massive internal bleeding , would get tests done and only get a shrug as to why it happened/ happening FROM SPECIALIST. What's going on in my life is scary and I've come to realize you are your own advocate for your health and you must fight to get answers. This is what you must do. RESEARCH,CALL SPECIALISTS,GET ANSWERS.

Document everything. I've been keeping a log as to my symptoms,pain level, sleep,medication,food/drink and stool/urine. Throughout this whole thing I've had no bum pain.

Please hang in there. You're not alone.

Have you had a colonoscopy?

I'm currently waiting for a scope. But I've had one 6 years ago when I was having the same issues and all they said was idk. 🙁

My husband saw the Digestive disease dr yesterday. He is having a colonoscopy and endoscopy tomorrow. They mentioned colitis, cancer and upper bleeding as possibilities but we won’t know for sure til tomorrow. I will keep you updated on everything. I’m worried sick 😣

Hang in there. This is part of the process of getting better. I just keep telling myself that something definitive is better then being in limbo. This seems to help even tho, I'm still scared as well as my husband. Spend some quality time together and attack tomorrow as a team. Thanks for keeping me updated.

I got a call to see the surgeon on May 19th.... So , we are now scrambling to find a specialist because I can't live like this for months. We send our love from Nova Scotia

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